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"Forget fairy tales--life is better off being a chick flick."


-Ayna G.
I couldn't agree more. HAHAHA.

I want that Goldilock's brownie right up there. :|
I want it!! *throws a tantrum*

I am B-O-R-E-D.
Help me! HAHAHA!

I went to school again today, braved the stormy weather and all strings attached. *evil laugh* (Rain, no way you're stopping me.)

This would probably 'shock' you but...I want to go to school already!
I'm pretty excited. :)

[I know I'll take my words back as easily as I said them once school starts.]

And I can't actually wait for my review classes to start either! -Finally, something to do this summer!
I've been nothing but a bum! :o
Even the internet doesn't hold much to keep me busy and distracted. :(
-Maybe, I expect too much from it.

Can't wait for Saturday!
-Though it gives me jitters.


"But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here."
Creep - Radiohead

"I'm not afraid of walking down the street into something that people think is crazy. What i can't stand is looking like everybody else..."


-Mary Kate Olsen

I should really start living by that quote. Really.

I just watched The Jane Austen Book Club on HBO and I enjoyed it!

I want to watch 17 Again.

The Sky Is Ours To Keep Tonight

A Promise by Chicosci \m/

20 Random Things About Me

1) I like notebooks, notepads, pad papers, you get the gist.
-Even when I have more than I can use, I still like having more.
2) I converse with myself -in english.
-I sometimes pretend I'm talking to one of my friends/all of my friends and imagine myself sharing kwentos with them.
3) I like using the free blue-inked pen in a yellow plastic case which my mom used to have bundles of during tests because I like the contrast between the black print on the reycled paper and my blue ink. -I notice my answers more.
4) I am boy-crazy.
5) I like dressing up though I wish my body would be more "suited" to wear certain types of clothes. -By "suited", I don't mean slimmer.
6) I am left-handed.
-And I feel unique about it. =))
7) I am weird and unpredictable.
-I can talk for hours then suddenly shut-up for a moment. ...a long moment.
Dare me.
8) When I'm with people and I'm talking nonstop, it's not always because I have so much to say but because I always feel the urge to say something.
-Dead air scares me ...and I'm scared that they would find me boring. HAHAHA.
9) I overthink things.
-I enjoy trying to see past surface meaning and literal explanations. (I want to be a psychologist/psychoanalyst -I forgot the difference.) -Masakit sa ulo.
10) It's my first time to do something like this. [List]
11) At the moment, I like saying the word "psychic".


12) The other day, I brought my cellphone to the washroom and in my eagerness to text, it recklessly jumped out of my hands into a pile of water. [HAHAHA!]
13) ...It's miraculously working now.
14) I like to believe I 'know' myself.
15) I hate it when people see past my pretenses. ...or when they try to 'evaluate' me.
-I feel vulnerable and so easy to read.
16) I used to have 2 pet turtles -Pebbles and Bubbles. One died when we were at my grandparents' house, the other "disappeared" when we arrived home to find its "shelter" toppled sidewards.
17) I am enjoying writing all these.
18) I revived my planner today. -It's now being used.
19) My review classes start this Saturday. :o
20) I can't believe June 8 is when classes start. -and I'm in 4th year. :o

"Even if you cannot hear my voice,
I'll be right beside you dear."
Run by Snow Patrol

And Then It All Came Crashing Down


I'm posting!

...yet again.

Today was a 'go-out-of-the-house-day' so I got to go outside and inhale the summer breeze (if there was any, that is).

I woke up (unfortunately) before my alarm even rung its first few rings. So, against my strong urge to sleep in, I kicked my ass of the bed and rose, took a bath, lingered deciding on which clothes to wear, ...and then ate breakfast! :)

Luckily, my parents were in a good mood (that's the only reason I could think of) and they decided to drop me off school. No commuting! Yay!

Mind you, commuting is okay for me. Actually, there are even times when I find it refreshing and ...convenient? It's just that sometimes, well, to be honest, most times, just the thought of commuting makes me lazy. So I lose hype for the activity I am about to do or go to. Lol. :) And is 3 rides away so that makes me even lazier! HA!

You probably think I'm such a sloth. [I'm not.]

I arrived on time (as I like to believe) and waited a while in the MPB for someone who later on, I found out was already in the venue we were supposed to go to.
So I went along with someone who was almost a complete stranger to me if I haven't had her on my volleyball team back in grade 7. :p

The SCAA and Fair Committee (not that I'm officially a part of it *fingers crossed*) had a Strat Planning a while ago. Nose bleed. Hahaha! Actually, the only 'nose bleed' part was the time wherein a school staff broke us for us the expenses of and for the fair, etc, etc, etc.
Basically, accounting.
I've never liked that...and that talk just gave me more reason to do so.
...Not that I have anything against people who are into accounting and such. :D

Anyway, so where was I?
Strat Planning, yeah?
It was very productive and I'm pleased with what we've accomplished so far. :)
I listened intently (that's new! Kidding. :>) so I guess that's the reason I feel like I 'functioned' well.

"It's all black and white for me, baby."
Black and White by The Upper Room

We are always running for the thrill of it, the thrill of it.


Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun

Lifted off my Multiply blog post:

It's 19:52 on my watch and I just awoke from my deep slumber -got to catch up on that don't I?
Anyway, if it interests you to any degree, I'm going to tell you how I spent my weekend, my Friday to Sunday..

My sister and I went to a YFC Camp -an org. mate of hers invited her so she tagged me along. My reason for coming was -for something to do since I have been nothing but useless and selfish the whole summer.
Now, I'll tell you about the better thing aside from the coming. It was, it IS the experience. It is just hands down, amazing. Life changing, I must say. I felt, I feel God's love. I believe God's love. It's not that I don't know he does but, I haven't really given it much thought, much contemplation. I've never said it out loud to myself before. It's like ...I'm finding it hard to explain in words... It's like, it just came naturally to me to pray to Him and expect Him to care, to answer my prayers. I've never really contemplated the reason behind all the blessings He's given me. But now, I know. The answer is obvious. He loves me.
[Somehow, Bella's epiphany of Edward truly loving her comes to mind. -You'd understand if you have read New Moon ...So where was I?]

God loves me. I know, I could never let you feel, I could never share with you how it felt, how that realization hit me, how it dawned on me when I told myself those three words. And the best thing is, I not only realized He does love me, but I also felt it. It gives me a high, really.

I have a feeling that I'm not exactly sending the message, or rather, the experience across but, most probably, you wouldn't... completely grasp how it feels, how I feel. You wouldn't be able to completely grasp or, to not put the blame on you, I cannot completely explain to you how it all felt to me because you weren't there to experience it for yourself. That's not your fault of course.

It was just magical, my friends, when you're with everyone whose purpose is to experience Christ. The talks are so truthful, you know? They were just plain facts. I'm so glad I've been told them.


I wish you would get the chance to experience how I feel -so do pray that there will be a camp this sem break (I know that's not very soon yet and that just somehow reminds you of school right now when all you want to do is forget about it). I will invite all of you.
Guys, I won't tell you what we did during the entire stay (or maybe I would later on) but firstly, I have a favor to ask of you. You know how sometimes -I don't know if it's often-, the aftermath of recollections and retreats and such (not that the ones held in our school compare to the camp I went to) you just have this feeling or motivation, or maybe, even a promise to do what is right or something like that and then as time passes by, you loose 'hype' or just plain forget that you said you would to this or that after the recollection? Well, I'm scared that it would be that way, you know? I'm scared that my 'epiphany' wouldn't last long. I'm scared that what I vowed to the Lord I would do, I wouldn't. So I need you guys to be my constant reminders. (It's sound like I'm using you.) I don't know how that goes but hopefully, you get the gist.

Actually, I've sort of felt this before -back in second year up to the early weeks -no, days- of summer- (I feel it now again and I'm glad). I know that I will be for God. I mean, I've told a few people about this already, or then again, maybe not. Please don't laugh but take me seriously. I've always wanted to be good, righteous if you would call it that. I cannot explain it fully, but back in second year high school, I just told myself that I want to be for God. Therefore, I will always stick to His teachings, to what is good, to what he told us to do. Guys, you know how concerned I get when one of you is feels down? Hmm...What I want to tell is, what I tell myself is, I want to be that instrument, who will give you hope, who would make you realize that, there is hope. I... when I comfort someone, when I show my concern, and in other such actions, the thought at the back of my head is,my reason behind that is, I want to ...persuade you into believing that there is hope. Because God wouldn't allow such. Para bang, gusto ko that through me, you'll realize that God loves you; through me, you'll thing to yourself na 'uy, God will never leave me nga, there is no burden he would give me that I cannot carry'. I want to be an instrument of God. You know, above all my aspirations, all the worldly thins I want to achieve, behind all that, what I truly want to do is live for God, to be for God. That is why I feel so proud to say that I am officially, a YOUTH FOR CHRIST -especially saying the last two words. The first word doesn't matter to me much. Basta, the last two words are the same to words -or maybe at least, at most, extremely synonymous to the words I said to myself back in second year, that I will be for him.
Did you kniow that, that same school year, I told myself that I want to be a saint? And I still do. Remember our class encounter this previous Junior year? We had this folder didn't we and you were supposed to write sort of what you want to be when you grow up I wrote in that sort of thought bubble or something else, 'be a saint'. Then though, we read the SME book this third year. And if you have read it, you'll know that at one point, MME said that she willingly let go of everything. Material possessions, personal aspirations and even valued relationships in order to completely offer herself to God. I remember clears telling God then na, 'Lord, wait muna, di pa ko ready.' So, I don't know what the future holds but I want to tell you all these, all these thoughts na sa sarili ko lang sinasabi (yes I talk to myself like this), because I want you to understand me, even just to a certain degre. So there, sharing.

I'm to visit our school tomorrow! Whoopee! :)

"Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain, pain I'll kiss you in a minute If you'll only feel the same."
Black and White by The Upper Room

Miserable At Best


Well, it has been a while hasn't it?
I haven't posted much -not that there was anything interesting to write about..

The other day, my siblings and I went with our parents -together with the grandparents- to Calamba, Laguna to view a house that mom is going to sell. We headed to the house owner's place afterwards who happens to be mom's friend-slash-relative or something.
I dressed up so I had my sister take shots of me at any possibly scenic place.

I had a new haircut!

I shall really blog about more sensible things.

You Can't Play On Broken Strings


Meeelt. :">

Fished that off, particularaly THIS POST.
You can read the interview there. ;)
Better yet, browse through the magazine. ;)

Summer has still been pretty dull for me.
There aren't much to exciting to do that doesn't entail money nowadays.
I want to go out, have fun..but then, I can't afford that at the moment. ;)
And...I'm not exactly good at 'planning events'.

Lunch hasn't arrived yet -and it's 1pm already (my siblings are still asleep :o).
My parent's are out and they said they're going to be late -and that means so will lunch be. Lol.

I slept at 5am again. HA!
Watched Beowulf on HBO -ugly swamp monster (Grendel).

I shall try to see if I can watch Walled In and The Night Listener online.


I love you in the morning.
Sunday - Bloc Party

Dreams That Drive You Crazy


Last night, I had three dreams

It is prom night. Again. I am clad in my white ball gown with a patterned green blue and white belt and my two and a half inch white bowed heels. I have the same make-up: my cheeks and lips a shade of sweet pink and my eyes shaped with green blue eyeliner to match my belt.
Everyone's in the grade 7 activity room -2 classrooms whose dividers were moved to the sides to make it more spacious. The chairs -the normal armchairs painted with that dull shade of gray- were lined-up facing the -what could be more interesting?- blackboard, where the stage is as well. There are no tables and those dull gray armchairs were arranged as if we were to have classes, only it is more crowded. At the back of the room, across the stage, past the chairs is the buffet. The light is not lit in that part of the room. It's dark there.
I am outside, sitting on the hallway floor with the rest of...the dancers. My skirt is spread out around me, my hands are on my lap -that sort of picture where you look all pretty and proper-, waiting for our cue. We enter, I and the rest of the dancers prance along that empty space bordering the columns and rows of chairs, arms up in the air like an arch above my head...

I am in a grocery store, with my parents -particularly my mom- and my siblings. My sister and I pass across a table with goodies: snacks wrapped in glossy packaging. My mom and brother stroll ahead of us. There is a small rectangular plate above the table with goodies, freebies -sort of free taste-, I think to myself. It is the new 'kind' of Cloud 9 -the one with the wafer and crispies with chocolate coating and filling. I grab my sister's arm and point. There's an open one which was already bitten at the top. It is next to 2 more packs of untouched Cloud 9. I grab the eaten one and stroll along with my sister -we share the treat.
Fast forward.
A saleslady walks over to us -my sister and I are with my mom and brother already- and accuses us of opening a package. We question her and deny it. She leads us to a different table of goodies and points. I speak, saying we did not get anything from there nor opened anything from that table (while I thought to myself that nothing seems touched in that table anyway). I move across to the next table where we took the Cloud 9 and say we got the free treat from there. My mom argues with the lady and we leave her there. I hear the lady speak to her colleagues but her words are muffled (I think she's talking about her medical insurance or something) and I couldn't understand what she's saying because her voice starts to fade into the background..

The rain's pouring hard -it seems like it's a storm. My dad and I are in the car and it's night time, the sight's blurry and the road is rocky (we're making our way to the highway), it's dark. We make a rushed turn to the right to find someone in a red shirt next to us rapping a the window -she manages to dodge our dash, thank God! She knows me, I know her, she's Jaemi Ham, one of my batchmates. She is asking for a ride -as her actions revealed- and I am just about to roll down the iwindow when my dad steps on the gas -really steps on it. And so Jaemi's silhouette fades into the darkness. I become frantic as my dad drives real quick. I shout at him asking why he didn't stop, telling him my friend needed and effin' ride! He wasn't speaking -I knew how he didn't want any riders in the car: he's lazy when it comes to dropping off friends a their places. "We can drop her off somewhere near her place and she can work from there!" I continue screaming at him and I wail and thrash the car. I am screaming the whole -crazy. It's raining hard, we left Jaemi there, it's dark, I feel guilty, leaving her is a bad deed.. At the end, my dad turns the car around and I somehow relax..I know I didn't exactly want to give her a ride -but I don't want not to give her a ride too. In the back of my head I hear a voice saying "you don't really want to save her, you just feel guilty you're doing a bad thing" -something like that.. My dad and I go back then and I wait for us to reach the destination where we last saw Jaemi and I'm still tense in my seat worrying what if we don't find her...I send Zian a message asking her what the cel number of Jaemi is -to make sure its identical to the one I have, stored in my phonebook. I anticipate her reply and every second adds more to the tension. I'm on the edge of my seat, we're nearing the place where we last saw Jaemi...

In the middles of the tension, fear and other-bothersome-I-can't-shake-off-feelings, I wake-up.

Dream ends and I am almost thankful it isn't true -I thought it was! And I wouldn't, couldn't forgive myself, if we left Jaemi stranded in the rain. Lol.


Standing in the way of control!


The Gossip

Another season ender folks!
I've killed the last 3 episodes of the 10-episode third season of Skins.
Goodbye for the meantime then, Skins gang (another gang that is -we can't just forget the 'original' one can we?)
Season 4, don't take too long, yeah? [It takes them 6 months to finish a season -which is around 9-10 eps]
The last episode's really good though it focused more on the Effy-Cook-Freddie-include-JJ-if-you-want-to love triangle.
Actually, almost the whole season revolved around that -but you don't get sick of it because the other plot snippets of the rest of the characters are interesting and entertaining at the same time.
[Geez, their bloody British accent is ringing in my ears.]

If you intend to compare the new cast and the new season with the past ones, I think you shouldn't. :p They're completely different and you just learn to love both. :p

So yes, it is past 5 am in the early morning and would it have been a school day, I shall be getting off the bed and be starting my pre-school rituals but see, it's summer and when the time of the year is such, the tables are turned and 5 am becomes my go-to-bed time..
I shall really doze off now though -but of course, still manage to squeeze a few day(?)dreams in between.

Oh! Gravity why can't we seem to keep it together?


Oh! Gravity - Switchfoot


Since I cannot embed the video from YouTube, might as well feed you with that. [Lol]
It is the most romantic first kiss I've ever witnessed (so far).


My siblings and I are down to three more episodes of Skins latest season (third one). Hopefully, we'll finish it by tonight. My sister's away for the moment, having a garage sale somewhere in the hills of Antipolo. Lol. ;)

Skins' OST is lovely too ever since season 2. [Geez, did I just rhyme that?]
*Scroll down the page and pause the other playlist (in a previous post) -it automatically plays too and might interfere if you're to listen to this. :)

*For Kelly Brown by The Earlies, I cannot find a better 'copy' so be patient listening to what the foreign guy is saying (I don't understand it either) and wait for the latter part to load to hear the song.
*The last song, I Am A Full Grown Man by Phosphorescent is a song in season 3 -not part of the released Skins OST. I just added it there.

*I like It's All Over by Broken Family Band ;)

*I don't have the following on the playlist by the way but they're all included in the OST:
-Ah Uh Mi Hed by Shuggie Otis
-Skins Theme Tune – Julian Ronnie (I got the one by Fat Segal :p)

*I added a Cat Stevens version of Wild World next to Sid's Wild World (I dunno who sang that one -if it's really 'him' or what..)

I am actually quite amazed that the rest of the OST are available. I thought the bands would be so foreign or indie no music file of their songs will be scattered in the 'net. :p Sorry if I underestimated them then.

I believe though that those songs are for the first 2 seasons.
Waiting for the 3rd season's then. :p

Last night, Oasis is on Video Scope in Star World. Loved it! :)
I liked this best:

"I always turn the car around."
Shattered - O.A.R.

Way of the Cross with Pau, Fami and Ara


"This internet shit, man. I don't get it. Millions of fuckin' students bashing away at their keyboards, complaining about stuff. Complaining about what's on telly, and stupid crap like that. Wankers."
Cook's Profile on

On season 3 of Skins now. Bonkers, my siblings and I are to finish it soon and season 4's still on the works so I guess we all have to wait. :p

I am a weapon of massive consumption


The Fear - Lily Allen

Hallo! :)

My siblings and I finished Skins' second season yesterday night.

Oh goodbyes are hard. (Lol.)
The cast in the first two seasons won't be the same cast for the third one -except maybe for Effy and a few others.
I'm sure going to miss that gang -especially Chris and Maxxie. Lol. :p

I couldn't get over it last night.
I think I may be obsessive compulsive when it comes to 'remembering things' -especially when it comes to books and TV series: if I can't remember, it means that, basically, I didn't understand what I just read or watched.. -It's annoying really.

Anyway, I'm currently trying to come up with a playlist at Mixpod -to no avail. :p
I'm not in the mood right now and I can't recall songs I'd like to hear. My list is in the other computer so maybe I'll do it next time and procrastinate for the moment.

I shall go frolic.

P.S. Kai Z Feng's flickr is the bomb. [Lol.]

Tomorrow we can drive around this town,
and let the cops chase us around.

Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms

Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile


Wild World - Cat Stevens

Taken from my phone, Drafts folder, 2:26 AM of today, just before I went to sleep:

You're like my perfect brand of heroin.
(Oh god, I did not just quote a Twilight line. -Oh wait, I just did.)

I am HOOKED! Like I-can't-get-enough-of-you-I-need-to-feed-on-you-on-a-daily-basis hooked! (Like drugs, basically.)
[Then again, that's just me exaggerating.]

I've been watching a British TV series, Skins, and I'm enjoying it so far though I am still caught off-guard by those cheeky butts (and then some) popping here and there.
I must say it's a little too liberated for our culture here but hey, the youth are getting more and more open minded these days (I believe that's the effect of globalization and media put together.)
Anyway, as I've said, I'm extremely liking it so far and it's a sucker that we're postponing to watching it to later -because my sister says she's sleepy. (Well, it is 2 am in the morning. Lol.)
Can't wait to finish Season 1 later (it is the day after already anyway -and, yes folks, we're just in season 1 for the meantime).

So the 'later' is obviously now already.
Finished watching Season 1 and starting the second one already. ;)
Break time for the meanwhile...-got to eat dinner you know. :p

2:14 PM

I've been watching My Girl for three consecutive days now and obviously, I'm getting attached (I'm not one for attachments). I haven't watched its pilot episode nor any of the previous ones except for the three I have watched for three days now.
I can tell it's nearing the end though. I'm trying to work out my sources and resources -see if I can borrow a DVD of the series or something *fingers crossed*.

Off to watch the rest of the Skins episodes!

But if you wanna leave, take good care
Wild World - Cat Stevens

Someone, call a doctor, got a case of a love bipolar!


Hot N' Cold - Katy Perry

[This looks better at original size. Dang. Blogger messed the pixels up]

Dang, Flickr's keeping me from blogging. Lol.

Was checking out Lookbook beforehand and decided to check out some profiles, viewed their flickr sites and got obsessed. Lol. Hahaha! Kidding. ;)

I'm currently 'stalking' the following: 1, 2, 3.

So far, my favorite photo is that of 2's page: this. I think he's into portraits... I also love these two: CLICK , CLICK. Beautiful.
There are gazillion of pictures I adore from each site but mostly it's from 1's photostream. Absolutely adorable.

I'm obsessed with number 3. Officially speaking. Darn! But he takes good photos. :|
I shall stop obsession now.

Okay, I got tired of viewing their pages already. Too many.
Blast! I spent too long hours on that. Precious time.

Anyway, earlier this day, I tried exercising. But...failed. Lol. Read this:

Exercise is not made for girls like me (fine, maybe for A girl like ME phrases it better).
Seriously, I feel like puking (wait, let me change my background song -Circus by Spears is not exactly relaxing music... There, Just Like A Star suits me better) and my head is spinning. For a minute there all I can hear was my pulse-slash-heartbeat ringing in my hollow ears. No other sound was audible but that and I felt so sick I had to lie down.
Maybe it's the fault of hopping, jogging, extending, jumping, -you can name all the exercise movements you know- in your clustered bedroom but heck, do you want me to do aerobics outside the COMFORTS of our house?!! Not likely. Nu-uh. And in case you just thought of it, gym doesn't work for me. Actually, getting fit through dancing or any sport is the only way to go for me. But sadly, I can't afford workshops at the moment so I guess burning huge amounts of fat and turning them into muscles have to be postponed at the moment. (But heck, we all know I'd find a way. -I just can't go on pigging out this summer can I? Lol.)

Oh geez! I can't believe I forgot...
Ciao Marso.

My head hurts, ow.