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You're Such A Good Friend I Have To Break Your Heart


So Nice So Smart - Kimya Dawson

I guess this is goodbye then, goodbye to year 2008.

31622400 seconds, 527040 minutes, 8784 hours, 366 days and 52+ weeks. Well, that's long enough a time span for me to do and to dream a lot of things so dream and do I did.

Dear 2008,

You're a lot of things you know. :) And maybe I should take time to think back even just for a few hours, just to show my gratitude so...I decided to enumerate the things that had happened since that day you came into existence -with the trusty help of my planner and my 3rd playlist in

Well, I certainly won't forget the lights and sound of those fireworks as they lit up and boomed up in the night sky, the food I could not get enough of, the music raving from the speakers and my family and friends whom I were with -and oh, the last minute cramming of the homeworks they assigned us just for us to relish our Christmas vacation more.

I remember going back to school that 3rd day of your month and most of the teachers were absent such that it was such a waste of time to have come to school that day and the day after that was half-day and we were dismissed at 1pm -I even saw Marc Abaya earlier.

A day after that we went to our aunt's house to celebrate her son's birthday and we did nothing but ate! Oh my glorious tummy! You seem to be full these past days...and then I snapped back to reality of school work and household chores.

It was Quarterly week, 2 weeks after New Year and well, it was hell for all I know. I aimed to ace my tests. Then there was our Investigatory Project's oral defense, the career test I didn't finish (imagine that!), the CEM tests we took annualy, the National Bible Week, the reading of my classmate's book Loveless Saturn which I loved and cried over -a little, then there was our practices for our dula in Filipino (we enacted Pirma -I forgot who the author is), and then there was Big Group's open forum (which I didn't come to due to cramming sessions for our school work..or maybe this was the one I went to?) then before I knew it, January was gone and on came February.

The love month -except to me, but still I was expectant. HAHA. Kidding. ;) February had a lot of things in store for me. It was when I read Veronika Decides to Die (a must-read for those seeking life's meaning, for those suicidal, for those bored, for...everyone!), picked out many quotable quotes from Paulo Coelho and started gaining interest in other books written by the same author. I hear myself singing in of thos KTV rooms in Eastwood's Power Station with my friends and the unfortunately, had to cut my singing moment short due to that my mom just arrived to pick me and my friend up. The day after that, I had butterflies in my stomach for what awaited me that night: Prom usherette. Ack. I didn't know what to do! -Well, I sort of did. Haha. But geez, it was so humiliating and irresponsible of me not to bring my folder which said who belongs to which table, the checklist for the photo booth and so on. I was put in charge instead of the AVP which didn't require all those papers only to find myself stressed because I can't find the 'master' laptop, the files (videos) were stored in other laptop, cds, and other storage systems technolgy was able to give human kind. It was stressful but fun at the same time. And of course, how could I forget that hole in my gala skirt which was caused by the innocent looking candles we lit up at the Multi's entrance? How could I? Lol.
The 12 of February brought back those butterflies in my stomach. It was the day of the Science Congress and we had to stand in front of the whole high school body, some of the faculty members and the panel of judges/question-ers who were going to shoot us with queries-related-to-our-project-which-we-fear-we-might-not-be-able-
to-answer-intelligently. But we got out alive. Five day after that, during a Monday it was announced we won! *cheers* And we even got reprimanded for being slow in going to the stage to receive our certifactes. Gosh, that was a moment.

The weekend before that, we had our Bio trip which was, unfortuntately, not overnight. I believe the highlight of that activity was when we soaked ourselves in the swamp/river/what-form-of-water-is-that-a-stream? 'thing'. It was fun and a little icky.

The weekend after was was the fourth year's legacy (my sister's batch) entitled Transit wherein Bamboo, Chicosci, 6 Cycle Mind, Spirit of '67, Room Service, Step-Up, Pinky Swear and Coalesceplayed. There were performances by the hosting batch itself of course.

The month's 29th, I made a big decision (up to now I still can't believe it): I ran for the Student Council. What was I thinking? To serve. HAHA. Kidding. I dunno, I wanted it that, I'm not so sure. Maybe failure scared me out of my socks? (What?). Yes, I said yes to running for the position of (I can't even remember what postion I ran for..) -PRO! Public Relations Officer. That day, we watched The Wonder Bookshop 2 which in my opinion, wasn't as good as the first one but good enough anyway. My sister played Wilbur (yes, with her skinny frame she got to play a pig of all animals).

Then February ended.

TNT: Tinig Niyo't Tulay: My party during the campaigning days of the SC. I remember those days when we 'crashed' the morning talks of the involved grade and year levels. Then after a week or two maybe, the Meeting de Avance was held and I remember the regret after saying my speech and ansering the panel's questions: I could have done better, said much more. But I like my speech, mind you. ;) --I wish I saved a copy. Hahaha.

Elections was also held during this month, of course, it's the last month of school year 07-08. I voted myself. HAHAHA. :p

I also read Vampire Kisses, not that it';s any of your interest but, it's a lovely book. :) Vampires again. :)) Twilight much? HAHA. Kidding. I read Vampire Kisses before I even got hold of Twilight paperback.

Then, the moment of truth: election results announcement! I lost. Haha. I'm cool with it though, no more bitter heartaches (kidding!). But I remember being pessimistic the whole day after hearing 'my failure'. Didn't make a big deal of it. Oh! That day, we also had our Stations of the Cross in CLE and I remember our class sang our hearts out on our way back to our room. ;)

During this month we had our debate in our English subject -I forgot which side won in ours but it was a good experience. I was never for debates..I'm easily influenced by others' points.

And was Quartely Tests all over again (the last ones for the school year) and our IP group was exempted in Bio! Yay!

That last day of school, my friends and I went out (Eastwood, as you might have predicted) and watch Step-Up. That dance under that rain was super -and I even crushed that goofy-looking guy named Moose. Hahaha. ;)

Marian and I went to SMT on the 29th. A DQ date. Hahaha. But it only took a while and I decided to waste time walking home.

There was also the Gossip Girl (Season 1) DVD marathon with my siblings.

With Me is the total soundtrack.

April, May
Let's collaborate those two solid months of pure summer bliss shan't we (Well, it's not entirely pure bliss. That's just me, exaggerating)?

Summer vacation meant dance workshop for me, Nichola, Hannah, Iana and Ida. It was such an experience of getting out of my 'shell'. Heck, the dancers in our class were beyond talent! Hahaha! It sort of ate me -a little. They were so good and well I was..trying to get there? Lol. Created new friends and bonded with already-friends ones. It helped I believe. Hahaha. ;) I remember almost giving up on the steps I found so hard to execute and catch-up on. The second part was easier though, I aboslutely loved that time because I seemed to be in sync with the dance steps and the beat of the songs. :) Thanks coaches! ;)

During the vacation, I happened to read a lot of books which I all bought on sale (National Bookstore held a one-month book sale and I made the most out of the opportunity and my money). I read Pretty Little Devils, M or F, The Possibility of Fireflies, Freak Green Eyes, Lucky Stars, Runaway...

My family and I stayed for a while in Tagaytay too (by a while I mean overnight. HAHA) at Canyon Woods. I dunno, we didn't do anything much there, really. We just locked ourselves up inside the casitas and idled all day while mom worked, selling houses or condos, I don't know which.

I watched Superhero movie with my brother and considered it a serious waste of my money for a movie to watch on the big screen. Pfft. It was such a joke.

And, and, how could I forget the month I bought my own Twilight book (April). Oh the phenomena (rolls eyes)!

My May, was marked with the first episodes of the Pushing Daisies TV series whose DVD I now covet (any takers?), and oh! I read Little Women for our SRP in school.

Kyle XY marathon too! (DVD please?) There was also Hana Kimi marathons! How could I forget? Lol. ;)

I read Twilight twice. Couldn't get enough much?

Then my brother bought a copy of New Moon and I read it of course. How could I forget:

"Time passes. Even when it seems impossible, even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls. But pass it does."

Of course there were celebrations: mother's day and my brother's birthday when I had my very first photoshoot (not counting my dance pictorial photoshoot)!

Random meet-up with Angel, Mara and Jean at Club Manila East wherein we got in for free -but didn't swim because we had no gear- and walked around wishing we brought cameras to take pictures.

And then May was gone, Sheen migrated and June took over.

Summer Song: The Summer Sends its Love by Sherwood Schwartz (sp?)

The month that marks the half of the year (how quickly time passes!).
Sims 2 mania (when the internet was 'out')! and, and, late night cramming dance practices!

Went to St. Francis to shop for our dance recital and bought my red super-long socks -which I will be using for a latter photoshoot when I got stuch at home one day.

June 10th was school's start and I got to make our nametag's design and be voted class secreatry (for real?). :) Subject orientations, outling of the SOPs...

That first school week's weekend was our dance recital, June 14th. Nerve-wracking, I dance my ass off and the cheers of the crowd who knew me from the audience gave me confindence. YES! Thank you. :)

And then, pretty much, the month revolved around school and trying to adjust. :)

Fly invasion! :)) The school was....a fly fest! Hahaha! Flies were everywhere (ick!) and the resourcelfulness and creativity of the students were tested. Fly swatting rolled magazine pages and that electric-badminton-racket-looking appeared just to give the flies their death sentence. Maybe there was even a contest of who got to kill the most flies. Lol.
I read The Witch of Portobello wherein there's a clash of reality and fantasy.

"If there is any possible consolation in the tragedy of losing someone we love very much, it's the necessary hope that perhaps it was for the best."

I wanted to read it again but I didn't find time to do so...unfortunately.

Nichola's departure. How could I forget? Big Group threw her a despedida at Angel's house and I arrived late of all things! At least I got a glimps and little more than that of her.
Time of IP proposal and experimental designsa and Variety Show ticket design making! Hahaha! -and oh, QTs too. Hahaha!

OOH. This month, we had our fellowship! Which I came to late -again.

UP library visit with Mariz and Carissa. Adventure! Hahaha. Not. Kidd. ;) I bought my school bag afterwards and even bumped into Pau Layco and others at the mall.

I read Breaking Dawn and even wrote a prose because of it. Hahaha!

And also, read Eleven Minutes before that whering I learned "there are certain sufering which can only be forgotten once we have succeeded in floating above our own pain." I've been floating ever since. Hahaha!

Happy 18th dear sis! You're old. Hahaha! Kidding. :)
Boys Like Girls had an Ayala Malls concert thing I think. I would have come but..well, I didn't.

Read The Scarlet Letterman and wrote yet another prose. Hahaha! Gosh. My way of escape huh? Writing. Geez.

Joy's birthday celebration on the 20th along with Cheska and Tiz! Mara's 16th. Wore an outfit which I didn't get a picture and was frustrate over the fact.

And, and, III-2 class encounter!

Well, hi birth month! ;)

Medical-Dental, Camp Rock (first time to watch it -late much? Hahaha!), dance workshop again (supposedly but ended it immediately -no time), photoshoot with sister! ;), quarterly tests, HSM3 for my birthday and some shopping the day before, intramurals (wherein we were at the bottom but enjoyed? anyway) -we reigned last year!, went to Eastwood wearing black shorts, black stockings, a green faux hard rock cafe shirt which I altered and my sister's lime chucks, then sem break!

Mindali much?


Mom's birthday at the same day as the day of sains, school resumed on the 6th, Reproductive Health Bill symposium, and 'my' saint (remember book marks school mates?), two days of career talks (hi Mr. Alli!), laugh-like-a-hyena-day with Tricia R., REPORT CARD DAY :o, fair preparations, muddy FAIR, great, awesome, Battle of the Bands (go Grounded and Damsel Saves the Hero!), Nevertheless, I knew you'd win, Variety Show (Aia was soo close), recollection (tears, tears, tears), and, the highlight of the month (sarcastically speaking), the Twilight movie! (Robert Pattinson, your eyes always looked like they were about to bulge out any second; Kirsten Stewart, beautiful -not much in the movie but, beautiful).

AJSS applicant.

The last month. :(
On-the-job-training at Don Henrico's (fun time making my own pizza! Delicious iced tea which was extremely sugary), public school teaching (kids, say hello to Global Warming), essay for AJSS application and submission of it and the form, Travese legacy (star-studded much?), Sarah Geronimo, galing mo! (rhyming :o), vigil practices, Vigil, EK with BG CHRISTMAS VACATION, Happy Birthday Jesus!, reunion, bum..., Juno..

..and the 31st is the end.

Whew. I just enumerated my last 12 months! Hahaha! It's a lot more than that of course. I can't capture the exact experience nor the emotion in words. :)

So it will be January less than 24 hours. I smell the scent of a new beginning!

Like a fairy tale again, with deadlines that ended the magic.
New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

Our Love's A Perfect Rhyme


I Wanna - The All-American Rejects

"You would die for them?"
"No. Not for them. For you. For you."

Could anything get any cheesier than that? As of the moment, I can't think of any.
-And I'm a sucker for anything cheesy -hopeless romantic me. Lol.

Just watched X-men The Last Stand after what? 2 years since it has been shown in the theaters? Yes. You got that right. Hahaha! I've been wanting to watch it actually. I love X-men movies, mind you. I do.
If I were asked to do a movie review, I just can't. I simply cannot. The aftermath of movies on me is almost all the time, wonderful -even with Twilight. (Ha-ha, just kidding.) I mean, I cannot go into detail what caused that wonderful feeling. I just end up always being pleased. I can't do these.

I've also watched Prom Night (yesterday) and Shrek 3 (earlier today). Movie buff? I don't think so. Just bored I guess.
I wasn't expecting to hear 9 Crimes in Shrek's OST. Hahaha! :) Nice one I guess. ;)
Darn, I still can't get my brother to watch Eagle Eye with me. Hmph.
I was listening to the radio earlier and browsing through my Nylon magazines, here are some bands to listen to (just in case you don't know them yet):
When you go all I know is
You're my favorite mistake.
My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow

Where Were You?


At a certain point, I'd always want to go back. To go back and relive the memories because I somehow believe that with that way, I have a hopeful, wistful idea that when I reach the end and have to part with everything, I'd be able to keep with me every memory, every detail. But with the reason that I cannot, I prevent myself from going back, from reliving, from reminiscing, from contemplating. I find myself never (I guess that's a little exaggeration) contemplating -fearing the emotions it might rouse within me in the process.
I detach myself already before I even get attached. Truly attached.
I only touch the surface, never what's beneath. (Again with the nevers.)

Maybe I'm a little in denial with 'I don't get attached' implication..

I've lost track of my thoughts.
I need a haircut.

Well, hullo! ;)
I watched Transformers earlier on HBO. I enjoyed it. :p I watched it on the big screen months ago and knowing me, I've almost forgotten what happened in the movie so it was nice to get to watch it again.

OH, OH, OH! I have a continuation for my story already! :) -Wait, have I mentioned that already? I ask for pardon for being repetitive. I have a habit of repeating what I've already said. My memory's failing me you know. Lol.

I plan to watch a movie again. :) This time online. Maybe Eagle Eye? I want my brother to watch it with me because I've already seen the movie and I just want to share its 'awesomeness' with him but he says he want a horror movie. What the hell? Can't he want what I want? HAHAHA. The thought of it, impossible.

OH. I came across this video while googling New Moon movie.
I'm sorry I can't give the direct link of the site. I lost it. :D
Enjoy! ;)

I shall continue typing my story..I've only stored it in my phone's Drafts folder -yet again.

The wall dividing my reality from my fantasy is getting a little too thin.

Frustration's eating me -and I hope it not all of me.
My brother and I are fighting over what movie to watch and I chose Eagle Eye because really, I want to share with them something I found beautiful -and then I get rejected. :| Phbbt. I want to persuade him into watching it but he's too masungit and it makes me fear to even try. ACK.

Frustration's it's sadness. I persuaded my brother to no success so I watched the movie itself -again- but I felt sad watching it alone so..I decided to stop. So here I am, trying to search other movies that both of us will watch.

Excuses off the tip of your tongue.
Great Romances of the 20th Century - Taking Back Sunday

No Titles Please


I feel guilty.

I can't sleep now, ..yet.
I ate 1 and a half of 2 big pandesals and 2 one-half cups of lemonade juice (I know that makes one cup all right).

I feel guilty.

Damn those stupid diets. :))

Go shove guilt up someone else's butt but my own.

And now you're gone and I'm haunted

Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

Oh my blog, I missed you! If I could give you the tightest, warmest, squeeze-the-hell-out-of-you hug, I definitely would do so right now! What? Two days of not updating you about my past frolics -though they haven't been many, I tell you- that seems totally unfair! I admit though that for those moments, I have abandoned you though I badly needed to post a post, I resorted to my cell phone which was within reach and would not take years to load (as to this computer does)..

December 26, 2008
I'm up and about with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -I can't seem to put it down even for internet usage and I thougt I'd give-up anything for that. Proves I'm wrong I guess.
J.K. Rowling is the master! -Hahaha, that sounds geek- To have an imagination like that? Better than Stephenie Meyer in my opinion though their novels come from two different perspectives and fantasy-plots.
Oh gosh, I love them both! -but right now I guess I love Rowling more as brought about by the pretense of the moment. Um, to those who care, I do put the book down for eating and bathroom breaks. ;) -and yes, I know, I'm over half of the world's population late. Lol.

-And as much as I want to keep every detail, every emotion it conjured within me, I know the feat is impossible..
..And that's what makes me resort to avoidance. Avoidance of things I'd want to have with me for as long as I want, for as long as it is possible but -there's always a but- know I'd have to let go of sooner or later.
Why bother keeping something when you'd lose it in the end anyway?
(I know that was such a pessimistic thought. Forgive me.)

December 27, 2008
And there it was, the end.. dangling at my head, under the tip of my squat nose. I saw it coming. I knew it was coming. I braced myself for it, but still.. it affected me the way it would even if I wasn't expecting it.
But why not expect an ending?
An ending always comes. A time when you'd have to part, to let go, to detach.
Why does it always have to get me?
Me. (Saying it again makes me sound selfish, I know. Sorry.)
Me. The emotional-tear-jerking-at-any-moment-that-proved-sentimental-even
-A question rendered unanswerable maybe for ever.
...I must read the epilogue.

Later on..
Gosh. An ending. How do I feel? I have no idea, really.
Hm..maybe pacified?
Honestly, what I don't like about endings is that I'm never ready for them.
Though you brace yourself for it, though you prepared and know it's coming at you one time or another, you'd never be ready for it.
My guess is, it's always like that, or almost always at least.
You're not ready, but you accept, you learn to accept.
But why endings when you always seem to crave more of it afterwards? To have it never-ending?
...I should stop; put an end to this pondering.
To what would it lead me anyway? To somberness?
What would I get out of pondering? Emotional heartache?
I might as well distract myself.


Above are snippets from my phone's Drafts folder -plus some of my side comments.
-all those for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -and for all the books I've read for almost always all the time, (I know that is grammatically wrong but I don't care -tactless) as the case is I resort to the same mood/s after reading books.

That's what I've been doing since yesterday 'till this late afternoon and it was definitely worth it. Books are always worthy -at least most of them. Hahaha!

OH, OH, OH I want to start a book! -and of course finish it. I have started one last July and I echo, July! And it's been months since but I see a continuance on the works. *wink*

Chasing down a never ending make-believe
The Boston Drama - Typecast

Three Cheers for Christmas! ;)


Happy holidays everyone! :)

I know that's not a very holiday-y picture I posted up there but how I'm feeling right now is far from what that picture seems to imply. I'm pretty jovial tonight. ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! ;) *happy hug*

Oh I am hungry -but I just ate.
Goodness knows what's wrong with my stomach and its metabolism.
Kidding. ;)

I hope the spirit of the event is felt even in the least of leasts and the most of mosts.
Did that even makes sense? HAHAHA. I don't think so.

My head hurts quite right now and I couldn't think straight. :| Great. When I have so much to blog about this "illness" attacks. Lol.

I shall try my best to be coherent in this post. :)

Earlier today, we watched JUNO whose OST I've been wanting before I even got to watch it. Hahaha! My siblings and I watched it on my sister's laptop as to our VCD player is not available for use and the DVD doesn't have an AVR to plug itself in -so laptop it is! It was fun -bonding time! ;) Hahaha. We watched in the comforts of our bedroom with the aircon on and the lights out -trying to mimic the movie experience perhaps? All that lacks is popcorn!

Speaking of movies, I want to watch City Of Ember and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist!
I really can't wait for the latter -it will be on the big screen here in January! January -when it has been shown in other countries last October! :|

OH GUESS WHAT? They're making a local TV series version of Twilight here in the Philippines. Its entitled Takipsilim -which is the tagalog word for Twilight I believe. I dunno though if it's just a rumor...I guess we'll see. ;)

I painted my nails today! It was rushed it -we're going to mass- and I'm still so proud because it's my first time to paint my nails -whether it be toe ones or finger ones. I know that sounds pretty lame for a 16-year-old like me but yes, I don't know how to put on nail polish. HAHAHA.

For mass, I dressed in and out of 3 clothings. The looks I came up with?

I ended up wearing the latter -so simple.
The second one's for Halloween, -HAHAHA- a little inside joke. ;)
I'm happy that I got that chance to pray intently in the chapel at Christ the King -we were late for the mass itself. :( But really, I pray best when its silent. I didn't get to finish though, the rest of my family left immediately so I followed suit..

I saw Iya Parungao before going home!

OH OH OH! My most recent playlist with not-very-recent songs is almost done! -Just 9 more songs to go and it'll have a hundred! I have 3 playlists so far and this one's the third:

Links to my two other playlists: 1 and 2

More Christmas pictures for you!

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust


I need a haircut
Seriously, I do. I'm so sick of my hair 'do. I find it long already. I want to cut it short but how about prom? Lol. What a dilemma.

Today was pretty productive!

I fixed my study table.

I swept the floor.

I washed the dishes.

3 claps for me! Yay!

I should have taken a before and after picture of my study table for you to see how much it has improved. Hahaha!

Something to feed on: CLICK.

Geez, I need to find new songs to listen to. I'm running out of songs for my playlists. I barely listen to the radio nowadays -or the radio plays the same old songs which I enjoy listening but I need some new sounds. Hahaha. Lol.

Gosh. Christmas is tomorrow! Happy Birthday Jesus! ;) :* HAPPY HUG FOR YOU. :p -Advanced Happy Birthday I mean.

HANNAH NASOL, Happy Brithday to YOU! ILY. :))

I'm currently making playlists.


Oh crystal ball, crystal ball.
Save us all, tell me life is beautiful,
Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Crystal Ball - Keane

Well I've Left My Last Message On Your Machine


Winter Passing - The Academy Is


I miss my friend who migrated to another country last August if I'm not mistaken. I miss her badly. :( Hum, hum..just needed to vent that out.
I wish she is here or I am where she is.
I send my love to you Nichola!

I went to the mall again earlier today. I bought 3 pairs of lovely shoes!

Yet again, there's not much to say. I'm not really feeling the holiday spirit creeping up. Though it is the 24th today, meaning it's Christmas Eve and the birthday of one of my friends, I'm not up for it -not yet hopefully. I mean, hopefully I would be later on. ;) My parents will be grocery shopping later morning. Late shoppers. Hahaha! Shall I join them? I wish to but I've been nothing but busy these past few days. I shall rest or sleep. That would be good. :> Haha. Kidd.

My sister and her friends have been having a garage sale at one of their houses for 2 days in a row and she's been earning so far! Coolness. ;) :)

I shall say more later.

What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're OK?
Breakeven - The Script

When That Moon is Big and Bright
Its a Supernatural Delight

Just 2 more nights and then it's Christmas! ;) 23rd of December here.

Anyway, not much to say.
We went to the province the other day for a Christmas reunion with my dad's side of the family tree. Got gifts and moolah! ;)
The games for the kiddos were fun to watch especially the StopDance one. One of my cousins rocked the dance floor -which was the soil. Lol.

Hum, hum...

My sister and I went to THREE malls yesterday only to buy nothing. Lol. Hahaha! The mall can't provide the pieces of clothing I want or prefer.
I should really learn how to sew!

So lame to find out how to do it so late.

We'll talk our eyes too sleep.

In Any Other World


Oh, hullo. :)
It's officially, the start of our Christams break! Actually, it has been official since 7am of yesterday (December 19).

18th's morning was spent for a Youth Gathering activity. It was the school's first ever and it was beyond. Hahaha! There were in-house bands from the different high school year levels -two from our batch- and they played worship songs. Go Grounded and Damsels Saves The Hero! You guys were great! Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest! The Youth Gathering was interactive. We played games and did dances which we practiced beforehand. The games were fun! I learned 2 songs that day:

This is the story of my pony,
The story of my big fat pony.
This is the story of my pony,
this is what they told me:
(this part comes with a dance)
Front, front, front, my baby
Side, side, side, my baby
Back, back, back, my baby
This is what they told me.

I forgot the other song.. : And I consider it as one of my 'self-titled' songs next to Creep by Radiohead and Unwell by Matchbox 20. :(

All I remember is that it's about an acorn nut and in the latter part of the song it says:
"I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm a nut and I am crazy."

Anyway, after the Youth Gathering, was rest time! We just had to have that for later that day we'll be having our vigil and that means no sleeping. Haha. So some slept, some did not. I belong to the latter group. :p I did our Chemistry take-home quiz (again) which I finished earlier that week but unfortunately forgot to bring on the day of its submisson. After rest period, we (the high school body and the teachers and staff) went down to the cafeteria are to assemble. -Then the procession began. :p We had 7 stations to visit first before we proceeded to the Multi-Purpose Building for the actual vigil. The vigil was mostly about singing songs and all and it was a spiritual experience, of course. There was a time when we can also prostrate? -if that's what it's called- and it was nice. It felt like you could talk to God for hours. It was very peaceful. The night sky and the cold wind helped too. There was an alotted time for confession, adoration, rosary and faith sharing too. But I just pretty much walked around with a person or two and let the solemn, serene atmosphere of the night sink in.
Lights out was at around 12am? Not quite sure. I slept a little past that though for I didn't feel sleepy yet. We were woken up at around 5? I wasn't able to check the time. Dawn mass was on by then. My head wasn't very 'clear' at that time due to lack of sleep I believe.
Home was our next stop.

I arrived around 8am maybe and then slept for a few minutes before I got all set for Big Group's outing! Yay! My barkada and I decided to go to EK (Enchanted Kingdom) to celebrate the birthdays of 2 of our friends. We It was fun -it was their treat. :p Overall awesome experience.
We arrived at the venue at around 1pm and went home at 9 after hours of road trip, eating, rides and tons of fun! I don't want to explain in detail each activity we did -that would take forever and I know I still won't be able to make you feel the experience so I'd just provide you with pictures. ;)

My essay for Ateneo's AJSS.
I am a million things. Put together, I am one being. I consist of varying personalities, talents and skills, which burst forth whenever the moment allows it. I am who I am. I am unlike anyone else. You can judge me by the way I look, the way I move, by the way I speak; but I believe that no one knows who I am better than myself. I am a million things put together to make one being.
I am a lot of things and to enumerate them all would take more than 3 paragraphs long of an essay. To tell you how I see myself would take more than 24 hours of explanation, 26 letters and n phrases –it would take my whole existence for how I see myself is a continuous cycle –never ending.
It’s been 16 years since I’ve set foot on earth and with each transitional stage I’ve entered and come out of, I saw myself in a different light but what matters is the present, the concept I have of myself as of this moment, when I see my reflection not just in our bedroom mirror but also in the mirror I have hung in the depths of my mind.
I am a pencil guided by a hand –God’s hand.
I am my own witness to how greatly God has influenced my life: in the way I speak, in the way I act, in the way I live. It is through my faith in Him that I am able to move forward. In very rare occasions would you find me not praying before or after I study nor in other occasions. From the day’s start, to the day’s end, I live for Him. He is the first person I think of, and the last. If I would visit myself in the past, I’d be witnessing a different situation –I would still be praying and the like but my intentions are only for myself, for my greater glory, for my benefit. It is different now. I strive not only for myself, but also for others, especially God. He is truly the beginning and end of all things.
I am a mood ring who can tell how others feel –only I empathize.
What I am most proud of is not my talent, not my intelligence; rather, it is my ability to empathize. It is important for me to feel how others feel, to feel for others. It is through this action that I am able to be of comfort to others, that I am able to reach out to them. To be one with them in what they are feeling or experiencing is rewarding enough for an empathetic person like me. My one goal in life, past academic achievements and well-roundedness, is to cause a good change in a person’s life. When all worldly aspirations have been attained what else do we yearn for? –A deeper sense of purpose in life.
I believe that no matter how much worldly success I achieve in living for myself, nothing compares to the triumph you conquer when you live for others.
I am a blue among a sea of reds – I stand out.
I believe that I have found myself. Teenagers are often associated with identity crisis and it would be a lie if I said I haven’t gone through the same thing. I remember giving in to peer pressure, allowing myself to be mute and not speak up and riding the wave that everyone’s coasting in –but they are all things of the past now which seldom visit the present. I have learned to be myself, to stand up for what I believe in, to not conform. I have found my voice, a voice that’s louder than any other voice I had in the past. I am able to handle criticism and praise well and I use them to hone my character in a more positive way. I know my potentials and I try to reach past them. I am determined, motivated and good-natured. I am good in balancing the matters I am involved in and the different roles I play whether it be as a daughter, as a friend or as a student.
I am a lot of things and to enumerate them all would take more than 3 paragraphs long of an essay. To tell you how I see myself would take more than 24 hours of explanation, 26 letters and n phrases –it would take my whole existence for how I see myself is a continuous cycle –never ending.

It's Vigil Tomorow and I've Got Nothing to Wear.


Big deal.

Hello blog readers! It's our Vigil tomorrow and I'm 99% sure I'm coming down with a cold; my head aches, even my eyes hurt, I'm quite deaf, and my sinuses (?) feel clogged. Great. And I wanted to sing my heart out. :|
Well, I'd try my best and give it a shot. ;)

Happy Birthday to Big Group's Angel Aquino! I LOVE YOU.


Adding Insult To Injury


Every girl loves to shop.


Right now, I could feel the ache of a hungry stomach. Hahaha!
Gosh. It's been a while hasn't it? I haven't updated much and I shall now.

My last post is last December 8 and -woah- it's the 15th already!
See what I mean by inconsistency when I blog?

Last 6th of December, I had our on-the-job-training and it was superb -in terms of make-your-own-pizza-way. That's pretty much what we did. We weren't allowed to serve earlier and I believe that the reason was there was an auditor. We were allowed to do so later on, after lunch but then. there aren't much customers around that time are there? Hahaha. So we -my groupmates and I- decided to hit the mall soon after our certificates were given. We just window-shopped actually and nothing else. Went home in a while.

OH GOD. I got an 82 in my Chemistry. HAHA. And I thought I excelled in that subject. Lol. Actually, when we were checking our test papers, I tried to redo the problems and I got them right but looking at my paper, my answers were so far off. Really. I have no idea where I got them or my where my brain was when I was solving those problems. Hahaha. I'd make up for it. :)

It was pretty much unit tests week last week so I guess that's the reason why I wasn't able to blog for a week. Forgive me? :)

I'm almost done with our Investigatory Project -at least I think so. Hopefully, my groupmates and I will have a lighter burden throughout the school year as we have already finished it -almost.

GOSH. Prom is coming sooo near. I must panick. Prom date, not check. Prom dress, not check. Uh-oh. Hahaha!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH. I watched the grade 7's legacy concert which was way star-studded. What with almost the whole ASAP group performing, who would say it wasn't? Sandwich and Spongecola also played. Enjoyed 'em.
I must admit, Sarah Geronimo sang beyond well. She was truly great. Her voice was moving. She sang a song better than the original artist. Applause for her and more. You can evidently feel the emotions of the song she sang. It was moving.
For such a star-studded night, it was past frustrating to have a camera with you but had not batteries. It was the cherry on top. Lol. the present,'s vigil preparation time! :) Sing, sing, sing and sing! Oh, include sitting to. Hahaha! Earlier today, we had our orientation for the vigil then the preparation for the Handog Pasasalamat then, then, class Christmas party! Yay! My class mom has no gift for me yet. Hahaha! I'll be waiting. ;) Kidd. Any, the food lacked but the spirit was overflowing. :) It was a happy event. I enjoyed and had fun though after eating too many sweet foods, I felt like throwing up at the sight of chocolates, cookies, foods that had a high percentage of sugar in them. Hahaha! My throat doesn't feel good. Looks like I'm coming down with cough and colds. Ugh. During vigil. That would be uncomfortable. Oh well.


Tomorrow's our Handog Pasasalamat and the children from the school we taught in last 5th of December would be visiting us! We'd celebrate a christmas party with them. :)
I didn't mention that did I? That we taught in a public school last December 5? WE DID! To grade 3 students. We taught them about the environment and the issue of global warming and climate change. It was an experience. :) The students were really attentive. Our teachers said we'd be doing it again next year for 2 more times. Yay!

I shopped today with my busmate-villagemate, Bianca! :) I made the most out of my P410 money! Hahaha! Got 2 shirts for P199 and a pair of red shorts for P150! Great finds. So happy.
-Got an outfit for EK (Enchanted Kingdom) already! Can't wait for the 20th. ;) Hello Big Group. See you dearies.
Advanced 16th to Lotta Franz Angelica Aquino. ILY.

OH OH OH OH OH! I got a Lookbook account!!! *blush, blush* YAY FOR ME. :)
Thanks to the person who invited me.

WAIT. How could I almost forget about our Batch Encounter last Saturday which was almost canceled due to the poor number of people attending at first but who later on changed their minds due to the possibility of sections being reshuffled next school year if many wouldn't attend. Phew -that was long. Ehe. Any, I facilitated one of the centers and it was awesome though I do wish that I have been in one of the groupings who would get to try out all of the centers but oh well. I still enjoyed facilitating a center wherein I'd give a group 5 keys to open 144+ lockers! The highest numbers of lockers opened was 65! Imagine that? Hahaha! OH! The in-house bands performance was beyond awesome. A clap and more for you guys! Each and every batchmate of yours is a fan! Yay! Congratulations to them and the success of the Batch Encounter.
Thank you prepare-ers. Hahaha! Your efforts paid-off. ;)

Metro Station

A Post I Have No Title For


I feel like I've abandoned my blog.
Hahaha. Kidding. ;) So why not post a little something eh? :)

I know I haven't been posting much but as of the moment, my heart's not really into it -at least not yet so wait a little more.

I'd be updating soon so while waiting, why not feed on this?

Its Just Another One of those Glory Days by StarryEyedScorpio

You Are The Moon by StarryEyedScorpio

Lace Drama by StarryEyedScorpio


" Well I know I know I know I'm not always my best for you
And though a melody won't make it alright..
Here's the I love you song"

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Hey, hey, hey. I tried out Colorgenics in GoldinUniverse.
Here's my "profile"

Name: Aien
Date: 12/4/2008
Colorgenics Number: 01347625

At this time you are really feeling quite exhausted by all the conflict and quarrelling that is going on about you and you are looking for some sort of protection from this state of affairs. Ideally you are seeking a peaceful condition and a tranquil environment in which you can be afforded the chance to relax and recover.

You are a true extrovert, frivolous and outgoing. You need to feel in control of any situation. If matters are not proceeding according to plan you tend to get extremely irritable and perhaps become difficult to live with.

There are times of everyone's life when 'compromise' is the name of the game and this is the time, so you have no alternative but to forgo some pleasures for the time being. You are capable of achieving satisfaction through physical activity.

You are experiencing considerable stress which is essentially the result of on going rejection and hostility. You are in the unpleasant position where offers of trust, affection and understanding are being withheld and you are being treaded with a degrading lack of consideration. You feel that you are being denied the appreciation that you deserve, which is essential to your well-being and self-esteem, but you have to face up to the situation because as matters stand at this time there is little that you can do about it - you feel that you are getting nowhere and the continuous struggle is a lonely one: all difficulties and no encouragement. Whatever you try to say or do is met with continuous hostility and no matter how much you protest you are consistently misunderstood. You need to escape from the situation but you are so perplexed that you cannot find the strength of mind to make the necessary decision.

In the past your trusting attitude has often been misunderstood and so you have needed to protect yourself against your tendency to be abused and taken advantage of. As a consequence you possibly adopt an aloof and critical attitude and you are only willing to let your guard down once sincerity and trustworthiness can be assured.

And to tell you the truth, every single letter, every single word, every single phrase, every single sentence and every single paragraph couldn't be more true. It's like my heart and brain were turned inside out (I know visualizing that is gory but that's the best comparison I can do.

I've been having/creating internal wars/conflicts in my head --maybe more of in my heart and I'm struggling with it. :( Today, I told a statement to myself: "I fear attachment". I don't understand the deeper reasons behind my action but when I want to be close to someone rather, when I year to reach out to someone, the more I become distant -worrying from afar and I fear the consequences of the actions I am taking because I might lose the person, the people I care most about.
Is it pride?
Is it fear?
I do not know.
Maybe both.

I know that I could choose the option which would allow me to be burden free, comforting and the like and the choice I want to take, the choice that is the hard one and well I'm willing to struggle for it. I just always pray for strength.