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Commuting Is A Battlefield.


If riding the public transportation (a.k.a. COMMUTING) was a sport, I definitely suck at it! :|

Today is the official first day of school for most school-goers. Whether they are in elementary, high school, or college.
To me, that just spells out C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N.
Competition with those who are riding the same Cubao jeepney.

Earlier today, as in around a few minutes past 7 o'clock in the morning, I ventured out in the newly paved streets of my subdivision.
I walked my way out of its gates and lo-and-behold, the arena-slash-battlefield of commuting awaited me.
Contestants -fellow commuters- were everywhere. (They weren't even there last week! But then again, last week wasn't the start of classes for most people.)
I knew I had to be tough.
We all were I guess.
But, in the end, our fate depended on the abundance of Cubao or LRT jeepneys -and they were extremely rare. If luck happens to come your way, you'd be lucky to fit in, at most, 1/4 of your ass on the freakin' leather seat.
Guess what? I got lucky (and I'm referring to the kind of luck I mentioned above).
My butt got to taste the jeepney seat but if we base it on spoonful amounts, I got less than a teaspoon.
The only support I had were my legs which I freakin'ly encouraged in my mind saying, "I have strong legs, I have strong legs, I'LL SURVIIIIVE!"
But dang! The moment I got down from the jeepney, my knees were all wobbly I was scared I'd trip on my own feet! And I was in the middle of the road 'cause the jeepney driver decided it would cause him too much trouble to steer right and drop us off exactly next to the Katipunan Petron station.
(Thanks a lot, man!)

To ride a jeep from there on was easy.

It's the traffic that wasn't. Ha!

Anyway, enough ranting about commuting. Lol.
Today was a good day. I enjoyed my Comm3 class ('cause I got to talk a lot).
My Kas1 class (whose teacher finally arrived!) was...sermon-ful with insights to match. I listened well but I felt like I was being scolded so part of me kind-of didn't like it.
PE2, I thought I was laaate! Good thing I wasn't. Phew! :))
(Gosh! I wonder when we'll start dancing. :|)

P.S. Picture above is the inspiration of the day.


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