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Trace the Moment, Fall Forever


So I did keep telling myself that I'd be a faithful author to my blog...
...and so far my most recent post has been more than a week ago.

But the point is, I'm posting again. Today.
I ran through the months in my posts' archive and saw that I had no posts for the months of August and September this 2010.
A proof of the adultery I committed with Tumblr.
Oh, why am I even looking back? It's about time I look forward. And move forward.

The second semester has begun a week ago and it was eventful as it was uneventful.
It goes beyond words such that only first-hand experience could suffice as explanation.
(Or, I'm most probably avoiding putting into words how my first week went.)
But I repeat: the first week of my second semester was eventful as it was uneventful.
Some happenings had smiles as feedback while others just downright landed an exasperation on my face!
I won't get into that though.

I'm going to learn Spanish this semester.


Bohemian Romance


Fashion Week Volunteer


Hi guys, I'm just letting you know I'm volunteering for Philippine Fashion Week this season. :)
I've been seeing people I am inspired by, in the flesh!

I will tell you about my adventures or misadventures (hopefully, there aren't any!) when the week is over. :)

I turned legal two days ago.

Reviving What's Been Dead


Dear blog,

It's about time I start writing again especially when I'm getting Creative Writing as one of my subjects next semester. Also, I shall be active in reading books again.

I finished The Lovely Bones last night. I know it's a little bit late reading at this time of the year especially after having a movie of it featured on the big screen and all but, I figure I shall still read its true form, it's paper back copy, printed flesh, before watching the movie (it's now loading as I'm typing these). As most will agree, the book tends to be almost always better than its movie version.

Some reflections I made during reading:
In reading The Lovely Bones, a tale of death, longing, and moving on, I couldn't help but appreciate and love the spark of hope Lindsey and Samuel's relationship offers. I admire how it does not have the mainstream kind of push in the but instead, it lingered in the background, surfacing when the least spark of hope, happiness, and love is needed in the saddest, most emotionally draining moments. (I think Samuel's a character to fall in love with. -and he and Lindsey just mesh beautifully together ♥)

When you think about it, you'd assume that the story would revolve around solving the crime and finding justice for Susie's death. However, the story is truly centered on witnessing how the Salmon family -including Susie- copes with their loss. And eventually, as a reader who empathizes, you learn that with them, slowly, gradually, you move on from the death as well and the wound torn open in your heart is gradually closing up into a scar balled with reminiscent memories.

I grow emotional over books, that's why I'm inclined to avoiding it. It's a temptation extremely difficult to resist though.

I feel like deleting my archive and starting fresh however, ...those are memories which may or may not be dear to me but surely, they help me keep track of things that have been happening -those I take note of in particular, of course.

Hi blog. Hopefully, you'd get more doses of me in the future.

With love and sincerity,
Your writer

To Abandon


My dear blog,
There has been so much happening: too many thoughts to put into words, too many emotions to make you feel...the inside of my mind is chaotic. Well, it has been since college started.
I miss writing creatively. :( I'm not even sure if I still have that talent inside me. (HA!)
My last post brought tragic news (with a terrible picture to match! :o) and I just don't want that to be the first thing I see and read when I view my blog.

School has been hectic but I am enjoying it. Terribly (and I mean that in a good way). Sure, the load gets heavy sometimes (in ways I do not expect it to be) but, it's all really lovely. I'm enjoying what I'm doing because it's truly something I have passion for: fashion! (I'm a Clothing Technology freshman.) All our activities are founded on that particular subject and there have been times when it doesn't feel like schooling at all! However, there are still group works and research and plates, of course; which reminds me that you are studying Aien. They're technically academics you have to pour your energy on...Ha!

I blogged in our group blog recently:

After a week or two of investing our time in our CT11 Research Paper and Interview of a Fashion Designer, we are finally moving on to our next lesson, Design.

It’s really exciting since just by the term itself, you could already visualize a lot of creativity and inspirations involved. And I’m a sucker for those two things! (Hee.)

Our new topic was introduced today, during our CT11 class. Ma’am Kitty discussed the definition of design, its types, elements, and principles. Later into the lesson, we talked about the fashion designer!

What does it take to be a fashion designer?

The list of characteristics was sure long but, luckily, I had most of it in me (yabang!). HAHAHA. And luckily, I’d still have those skills and traits by the time I graduate (and even have become better at that!).

Woohoo. I cannot wait! *squeals*

Thinking about the future, do you want to know what kind of fashion designer I want to be?

It was in second year when I had an epiphany (ayun na). My vision was to stylize the Philippine mass. I wanted to help each individual realize their own style and therefore, through their clothing, express who they really are, what consists them, their culture and personality.

Isn’t that exciting when the Philippines finally realize their fashion potential? (Am I making sense?).

Anyway, my goal was to bring fashion, but moreover, style, to the mass. I know that may sound scary for some but look at it as a great equalizer. HAHAHA. I’d really like each and every person who walks the streets and alleys of the Philippines to have fashion and style consciousness. It will just be amazing to walk around our country (HAHAHA. I just imagined that you’d literally walk from one place to anywhere you want to go even if it’s islands away or something…) and observe the people bring out their inner selves through clothing, won’t it?

Okay, I’m beating around the bush…HAHAHA.

So in conclusion, I want to be casual wear/ready-to-wear fashion designer! At present, I really do not see myself as a formal wear designer. I mean, I do love gowns and looking at them is such a spectacle most times but, I don’t see myself designing this kind of clothing. I really prefer casual wear; the kind you can wear everyday and through which express your individuality (I really have a knack for this sort of thing. HAHAHAHA). I guess from these reasons you could assume that I also want to be an indie designer.

I really have never thought of that concept before since indie style seems to apply to the genre of film and music but since those two are one of my biggest influences and inspirations at the moment, I say that I do want to be an indie designer as well. However, it seems to be contrary with my earlier decision to “bring fashion and style to the masses” since indietends to be known only by a small group of people. It’s not exactly mainstream. That’s also interesting since I want to be sought after (HAHAHA. That sounds so conceited!). What I meant by that was, I want people to discover me, rather. And come to know me as this designer who caters to the masses but brings something edgy, quirky, eccentric, and indie to the clothing racks.

I really wish I’ve explained myself well here with regards to what kind of fashion designer I want to be. Hee.

But, I’m open to future changes. Who knows, some event might actually change my point of view at present and suddenly incline me to formal wear designing?

Commuting Is A Battlefield.


If riding the public transportation (a.k.a. COMMUTING) was a sport, I definitely suck at it! :|

Today is the official first day of school for most school-goers. Whether they are in elementary, high school, or college.
To me, that just spells out C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N.
Competition with those who are riding the same Cubao jeepney.

Earlier today, as in around a few minutes past 7 o'clock in the morning, I ventured out in the newly paved streets of my subdivision.
I walked my way out of its gates and lo-and-behold, the arena-slash-battlefield of commuting awaited me.
Contestants -fellow commuters- were everywhere. (They weren't even there last week! But then again, last week wasn't the start of classes for most people.)
I knew I had to be tough.
We all were I guess.
But, in the end, our fate depended on the abundance of Cubao or LRT jeepneys -and they were extremely rare. If luck happens to come your way, you'd be lucky to fit in, at most, 1/4 of your ass on the freakin' leather seat.
Guess what? I got lucky (and I'm referring to the kind of luck I mentioned above).
My butt got to taste the jeepney seat but if we base it on spoonful amounts, I got less than a teaspoon.
The only support I had were my legs which I freakin'ly encouraged in my mind saying, "I have strong legs, I have strong legs, I'LL SURVIIIIVE!"
But dang! The moment I got down from the jeepney, my knees were all wobbly I was scared I'd trip on my own feet! And I was in the middle of the road 'cause the jeepney driver decided it would cause him too much trouble to steer right and drop us off exactly next to the Katipunan Petron station.
(Thanks a lot, man!)

To ride a jeep from there on was easy.

It's the traffic that wasn't. Ha!

Anyway, enough ranting about commuting. Lol.
Today was a good day. I enjoyed my Comm3 class ('cause I got to talk a lot).
My Kas1 class (whose teacher finally arrived!) was...sermon-ful with insights to match. I listened well but I felt like I was being scolded so part of me kind-of didn't like it.
PE2, I thought I was laaate! Good thing I wasn't. Phew! :))
(Gosh! I wonder when we'll start dancing. :|)

P.S. Picture above is the inspiration of the day.