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It's the 31st of October.

I have some major blogging to do for the sake of an update but I'm not sure I'm up for it.

Since the 22nd, we've had our second quarterly tests, and cheer practice.
23rd, we had College Algebra (and we're just in 4th year high school!) and Economics
24th, we had Physics and English, and cheer practice.
26th, (was my 17th birthday) we had Filipino and Trigonometry, and cheer practice.
27th, official intramurals practice day -spent for cheer practice.

28th-29th INTRAMURALS DAYS!! Whoopee! Go Seniors!
...and birthday-slash-victory party afterwards.

We are the overall winner! WHOOPEE! Ooh, I was part of the 4x100m Track and Field competition and we won 1st place! Yey! We also won in the cheering competition! :)

Every body ache was worth it.

I was voiceless for a day (yesterday).
I'm starting to "regain" my voice today -still husky. NOT HOT, SEDUCTIVE HUSKY. More husky. LOL.


Net Escape


Holla! :)

Reviving my blog.

Today is the first day of our final tests for the second quarter. We had Philo, CLE, and Health.
Upon arrival at school, a fellow busmate and I proceeded to the admin (after dropping of our bags inside our classroom) to get our temporary test permit -because we haven't paid our tuition yet. HAHA. For all I know, I am such a familiar face to our administrative coordinator (if I'm not mistaken) already. Lol. I've been lining up since... who knows? HAHA. Since I was in grade school? ...Not sure. HA.

There were more people who lined up to get their temporary test permits this quarter than the previous. Perhaps it was due to the typhoons which mercilessly attacked our country. Tsktsk. Now even our retreat changed plans (I'll talk more about this in a while).

Due to the long line, my friend and I returned to our classroom after the morning prayer's finished. It's really unfortunate we missed it. It's the only time when I get the chance to really get in touch with the supreme being. ;)

C.L.E QT was the first one up on our plates. It was quite easy. Health was too. While Philo on the other hand, is something I don't want to talk about -in a non-angry, non-offensive manner. LOL.

First day of QTs down.


Intrams will be held next week already (I am quite panicking about it right now) and so is my birthday (it's the last day of QTs, boohoo)! HURRAH. I am looking forward to the adrenaline rush, the tension, and the ...competition? Not much. HAHA.

Oh, I can't wait!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, there was a change in plans regarding our retreat. It is not to be held in Baguio anymore due to how badly it was affected by the typhoons. I symphatize for the people there. :(
We will have it in Tagaytay I think, if I'm not mistaken, from Nov. 3 to some soon date. HA.

Can't wait for that either!

Ciao readers!

"Should I give-up, or should I just keep chasing pavements,
even if it leads nowhere?"
Chasing Pavements - Adele

Put My Hands Up They're Playing My Song


Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus

She's gorgeous here.
The video's hot.

Geez, long time no post much? HAHA.
I most probably will do some major updating when sem break comes along. (Just 2 more weeks! And yes, we do still have a sem break. HOORAH!)

OOh. I think there's so much to tell. (Oh really now? HAHA.)

I passed cheering for the intramurals! WHOOPEEE. (HAHA. Dream come true! HAHA. Shallow much?)
Anyway, I also joined the track & field 100-meter run event. OOH. God help me!
I'm not sure I can run that fast but I love running so I might as well give it a try.

A while ago, I kind of came into terms with it and realized that, according to my Physics class, mass and acceleration move in opposite direction SOOO...does that mean I'll run more slowly due to my weight? Oh please no! HAHAHA. Nevertheless, I'll exert more force (its directed towards the same direction as acceleration!).

OOH. What nerdy things I just said. Lol.

Anyway, must go.
My head's starting to ache with all the internet stuff I'm doing.

Would you believe that despite being a teenager, I have low tolerance for internet usage? HAHA.


Oh MY. My grades are...unqualifying. HAHA. What? I haven't had a 90+ grade this quarter in my unit tests. What shame Aien. :)) How am I ever going to realize my dream? HAHA. Kidding.

Don't Wait, 'Till It's Too Late


Everything - Fefe Dobson

I am -lalalalala- excited! :)
It will be our section's retreat on the 9th until the 12th. I can't wait! But, reality-check, I still have Wednesday and Thursday to deal with, that is, an experimental Wednesday, and a test-filled Thursday. I am not really looking forward to either of it but I guess I have to bare it. It's just two day after all, isn't it?
I can survive that. ;)

Anyway, I've been...well, pretty much wasting my time trying to "concoct" (ooh, I speak like I'm referring to clothing as food) outfits in my head, -outfits to wear each day for our 4-day retreat. HAHA. I think I've come up with too much. OOPS. But...I love getting the chance to dress-up!
To be honest though, every non-uniform-wearing-day is dress-up-day for me. LOL.

Ooh..I want gray boots (to match with my dress) so badly!
Anyone willing to lend me a pair? HAHA.
Ciao readers!
Off to write love letters.

"Are you ready to love me?"
Everything - Fefe Dobson

What A Headstart!


It's the first of October.
A big warm welcome to you birthday month! :)

September didn't end well. Not solely for myself, but for the whole nation.

Last September 25, a storm named Ondoy hit our country. It submerged almost the whole Metro Manila Region as well as CALABARZON (if I have my information correct). It was a disaster, a state of calamity. It was not expected and so, almost all of us were unprepared. I wasn't one of those who got trapped inside their houses, most probably in their rooftops, nor was I one who was walking along chest high (or even above that) flood, but, I felt for my fellow men.

*Reality was worse than what these pictures show. This is just a fraction of the calamity, and the flood has already subisded a little around this time

It was a packed Saturday, according to my schedule. I had an entrance exam in the morning which will last until a little past lunch time. Aftewards, I wanted to attend our school's band screening. A party was too follow after the said event.

I remember praying the night before, when the rain had started pouring endlessly, for the weather to be a little more cooperative -for my own slefish reasons I am ashamed to state publicly. I woke up the next day, to a still rainy -stormy is the more appropariate term to use- dawn. My hopes weren't that high but I proceeded to my morning rituals. I took a bath, ate breakfast, dried my hair in the electricfan (HAHA), and wore an outfit that screamed band screening!

AC was my first stop, together with I-ris, Jem, Pau, and Tricia, who all hitched a ride with me. We arrived at the AC Open House a little behind schedule so we got lost inside the campus for a little while, trying to find the registration area. Luckily, AC students were so accomodating that one of the students approached us to ask how we're doing. After registering, we proceeded to the auditorium where an orientation and a talk was being held (such good speaker they have and very effective ones at that too!). We met some fellow school mates afterwards who were also going to take the admissions test which was our next agenda. We went to our respective test rooms and took the test. In the middle of taking the test, the electricity went out but it soon returned so there was really no delay in the test. Lunch time followed.

It was an open house like no other. Firstly, we arrived at a campus which blared party music all over the place. There were sponsors and a food buffet along the covered walks which made us excited and elated at the same time. It made us enthusiastic. The next events that followed are mentioned above.

Lunch time. The rain was pouring really hard. The concert was cancelled since the area alotted for that was flooded. My friends and I proceeded to the cafeteria which was packed with people lining up for their food. The ride home was a big confusion. The storm was too foreboding to be tested and braved so we stayed indoors. After a while, it was announced that overnight registration was on going. Obviously, were to sign-up for it. I-ris, Jem, Pau, Tricia, Angel, Camgar, Hannah, Gail, Mariz, Karla, Frans, Lica, Janella, Alexa, and I, together with Gail's mother and Hannah's aunt, stayed the night at AC's campus. All in all, over 300 people stayed the night at the school. Sufficient food was served and there were even two improvised movie rooms. We were all too blessed, provided with all the comforts they could give us. The outside world seemed unreal to us, a nightmare in the depths of our mind which resurfaced every now and then, to be cried and lamented over. It was scary. We were mostly by ourselves and were even struggling in our means to communicate with our relatives who were oustide the boundaries of the place were staying in. Prayers was the most powerful weapon we had in our hands, and we held on to it like it was the only thing left for survival. And it was. Despite the hours of happiness and comfort we brought to each other, news from outside shook us and united us even more. We each bore the feeling of guilt. We were more than safe and protected inside the AC Campus while outside, houses, streets, subdvisions and villages, roads and highways, were being submerged under the rain, by the flood which was higher than a person's average height. We found it hard to imagine, the state of calamity the places familiar to us was experiencing. We found it hard to imagine that people were stranded inside their houses, most probably in their second floors or their rooftops, with no food and other necessities. It was an unbelievable disaster.

The next day, most of the people who stayed went home already. But for some of us, the roads leading to our homes were still flooded or blocked, so we had to stay another night. It seemed more than 2 and a half days, our stay there, but we finally had the chance to go home. Monday morning, I went home with my mother who went to AC Sunday noontime. She was within the area that Saturday but she got stranded in the building she was in because the flood there reached the parking area. The ride home was filled with anticipation. Secretly, we were drawing expectations inside our minds, sketches of what we will be seeing once we went outside Makati.
Garbage was scattered everywhere. Househould furnitures were misplaced along the roads. Some places were still flooded. People were lining-up for relief.

I arrived home, thankful we were safe. I prayed for the rest of the nation, worried about the people I know most.

I slept for the rest of the day.

The next two days, I went to school to help in the relief operation. The afternoon of the second day, we got the chance to be deployed.

It was an eye-opening, life-changing experience, not just for me, but for the whole nation.
I hope that after this, we'll go back to the realities of life, but with a different outlook and a different mindset.

Ciao readers!

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