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The Sky's The Limit

I'm not one for losing relationships. Really. I'm sensitive, man. Sen-si-tive. Got that? Spelled that? Read that?

I'm not bitter. Just a super tiny bit. Really super tiny.

Geez, I shall not vent my frustration out here.
I shall not.


Melancholic music, sooth me.
I won't say I'm done chasing after you because that means giving up. I don't like to give up on you, I don't like to give up on myself.
I may be making such a fuss out of a petty thing but...I couldn't help it. I value you. (Like you don't value me. HAHAHA. BITTER.)

Anyway, scratch out that vent-fest. :)

...ever heard of mind over matter?
That's what I'm doing. LOL.

I've done some photo editing earlier:

Tonight's Gonna Be A Goodnight!


I've Got A Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

Leadership Training last Saturday (yesterday)! WHOOT.
T'was supah fun! ...and tiring! HAHA.
It was nice meeting new people and making new friends! (OOH. Expanding social life. HAHAHAHA.)

I'm torn between narrating in detail what's happened or not. LOL. It's always such a dilemma to me! I really like sharing stories. Really. (Not sarcastic here). Because I like sharing experiences which made me happy, you know? :)

Come to think of it, it's the last leadership training I am going to. :o OH-NO. I'm so glad I came! I didn't come last year for some reason I forgot. I had other commitments I think. :( I went last last school year though (I think), back in second year.

The event was tiring but I really enjoyed myself and the company of others. Hi groupmates and people I got to know during the ice breaker thing (that was fun!).

Play Me A Song.


Paradise Cove - Pete Yorn

Sentimental music.

It's playing in the background.
I calm down.
I close my eyes.
My thoughts sway with the music.
I get lost in it.
I let my spirit lift up.

I am lonely.
I am desolate.
Will you talk to me?
Will you keep ignoring me?
I am visible.
I'm invisible.
I disappear.
I appear.
I were.
I am.
I am.

July 21, 2009, 5:28 PM
Have you ever given it any though how that words sound like a super power? LOL. I mean, come on! Take a second look and try to say the word. Supervision. It sound like a super power! Well, doesn't it? It seems in-line with superhero too. HAHAHAHA. Just a very random thing to ponder about. :p

Times are becoming stressful, yeah? I thought I was free from stress since yesterday night. Guess I was wrong then. :o Seems like stress was just about to arrive. HAHAH -not.

"I can change anything."
Thinking of You - Pete Yorn

"Your perceptions are even more right on than usual. You know what's really up. "


That's what my horoscope's saying. Is he talking about the college application essay I'm making? I hope so because I can't seem to finish it. LOL. I like my essay except that...I somehow slipped off in the latter part (lost my "momentum" is what I mean) so I'm waiting for inspiration and illumination to come back so I can continue writing again. I don't want to pick up from bits and pieces of what's left of my earlier "momentum". I'm somehow scatterbrained right now. Lol. So I guess I'll finish it later.

Class last Friday was suspended and so was Saturday (we were supposed to have Saturday classes now due to the days taken away from us during our quarantine days). I wonder to when our Leadership Training would be moved (it was supposed to be last Saturday too). I was looking forward to it.

OOH. I have watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last Friday night (battled the storm with my brother!). I wasn't pleased with the fact that my awaited intense duel/fight scene wasn't there! I was expecting it since the movie began! Very nice cinematography though. Really good effects. I loved the scene with the raging sea waves the most. The part wherein Dumbledore and HarryPotter were going to enter a cave where one of Horcruxes is hidden.

Anyway, highway (ugh! HAHAHA)...I sort of had a series of clothes I dressed up in before going out. I took quite a number of photos of myself. Vanity is a sin. I guess I am sinful. NOT NICE.

That's just one set (why does Blogger blur it?). LOL.
I surely love my bracelets. ;)

Listening to The Antlers.

Oh Lately It's So Quiet


Ok Go

I feel so fine. (If we're talking about things that only concern me).
My group and I are done with our IP Defense (I know it doesn't stop there but at least, for the meantime, it is).
Also, I just finished our Trig homework (which I initially found hard but I realize I only had to read my book to understand how to answer the problems) and studying for our Algebra test for tomorrow has been accomplished (and I like to believe I studied throughly!).

I've seen this a few weeks ago but I haven't posted it yet:

Miley Cyrus looks beautiful here. :)

"Shy that way."
Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz

3 Poems A Night


Messed Up Love Affair

You stare at her, I stare at you
I see your back, you don't see me
She looks ahead, away from you
Your eyes they burn, my tears they fall
You call her name, I whisper yours
She screams his, he mumbles mine
It's a messed up love affair involving four
I love you, you love her, she loves him, he loves me
Messed up
Messed up
Messed up

An Afternoon at the Fair (working title)

I'm pretty miserable, you're too irritable
We make a good pair, let's go to the world fair
Let's eat cotton candy and vanilla ice cream
Ride the tea cup, make me scream
Shoot me a stuffed toy, oh this is joy!
We'll go 'round 'till we're dizzy
Won't you buy me fizzy (coke!)?
Take hold of my hand
We'll swing it 'long as we stand
The band will be playing soon
The drummer's a repelling goon
But we'll dance to the music
Until what we feel is so sick
Grab a trash bag, shove your face
Puke it all out, gone is the haze
Feel lighter, feel better
Won't you write me a letter?
We'll be parting for tonight
Can we at least grab a bite?
Put your hand on my shoulder
Don't dare trip on a boulder
You'll hurt both of us
I hear you blurt out a cuss
My giggle it echoes
The night is one of our foes
Day's come to an end, goodbye for now
But instead of a kiss, you give me a bow!

Waking Up

When sleep is soon gone
The dreaming is done
Time to think, time to think
In your misery, sink
Reality check is this a dream?
Which is non-fiction? I have a scheme
Recall the fantasy, live the reality
Combine together, it's only momentarily
It won't last long so be sure to hold on
Day will arrive soon at the break of dawn



"Ooh, baby, baby it's a wild world."
Wild World - Cat Stevens

My brain's battling with my heart. (Ugh. How dramatic.)

Why do I have to go back to my old ways? I thought I have put it behind me. Or so I thought.
It's a distraction. It's something I don't want to do anything about but at the same time I do. It's something I want to avoid but at the same time something I want to approach. It's something I wish to dream about, it's also something I wish I've long forgotten. I'm the personification of irony.

There is no turning back.
What if the one thing you've been waiting for for so long has finally come to you and is just dangling right under your the wrong time?

-Apparently it ain't me.-
(This is a random realization.)

I figure I shall get over this now. It dawns on me now that I am not in my proper state of mind while typing these things. Might as well leave it to what this has gone up to.
OOH. I think my grammar is just so wrong this afternoon.
Shoot me! (It's just an expression folks. No need to panic. I ain't suicidal.)

When I arrive home, all else is forgotten
Things are left behind to the place where I got them
I start anew, a fresh beginning
This uproar of emotions will soon be fleeting
To prance around is what I'll do
Get lost, be lost, in this fairytale I drew

"It's not that our love died, it just never really bloomed."

Can't Let Go - Landon Pigg

Walking On A Dream


Empire of the Sun

Yet again, I'm trying to put off my responsibilities -as usual. :|
Really, I find myself wanting to do things but...out of laziness, I don't end up doing them. WHY? Aaaah! Why during my last school year in my school? :o


I haven't been in the cyber world since Friday (or maybe way before that). Time to catch up with the buzz! HAHA.


"When we kissed it was electric,
a chemist made us for each other."


Social Development Dance - Pete Yorn

New artist for the week: PETE YORN
...for Snow Patrol, Phosphorescent, etc.

Tell Me You Love Me, Come Back and Haunt Me


She's from lookbook and I find he so hauntingly beautiful! (She reminds me of Shia's love interest in Distrubia -she's not gorgeous but there's this air about her that just draws you, yeah?)
I love all her looks and I checked out her blog which I started following, saw a deviantart link so I checked that out too and wow. Her photos blow me away!
Here are more sample shots (they're all hers!):


Prologue, Epilogue


Newly discovered band: The Antlers

Their music is magical and dreamy and powerful at the same time! I love how it starts out so slowly and gently and builds up at a certain part where it's more "violent" and powerful. Nice build up and transition. Magnificent!

And This World Fair too. ;)

You Make Breaking Hearts Look So Easy

Breaking - Anberlin

"You make breaking hearts look so easy
seem like you've done this before
You've got breaking hearts all but down
and you've done this, you've done this before
You make stealing hearts look so easy
Where is the girl I adore
You've got breaking up all but down
I can't love a thief anymore"

Ultimate break-up song for the story I'm working on. Teehee. ;)

Jeez, I'm so happy! I'm almost done with my IP Proposal. I don't think it's much Physics but right now, the only though evading my brain is 'at least I've got something pass'. I know that shouldn't be my attitude but...I don't want to suffer another minute of thinking what could be a possible IP topic. :D
I'm so happy about it because it sort of just came to me this morning when I wake up.
-My sleep was full of "awaking" moments and then sleeping again. Tss. ...Like you needed to know that. HA!

Anyway, I'm so excited for to-mo-rrow! My friends and I are going to have an overnight at a hotel! Partaaay!

I can't wait! The thought has been flooding my mind since dawn of today. :o My whole barkada's going except for one unfortunately but that makes the most of us and I'm just so happy, wee! ;))

"Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef, That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him."
Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
...That seriously makes me laugh. Especially when your hear them singing it. =))

OH JEEZ. Taylor Swift looks so lovely in her Glamour magazine cover!

I haven't visited JustJaredJr. for a long time so I'm catching up. HAHAHA.

They're coming up with a 3D version of Step-Up!! WEE-HOO! <:-p With Alyson Stoner and Adam Sevani. I can't wait. 2010, come sooner! NEWS HERE

Adam is gorgeous. ;))

Everytime I hear Don't Make Me Wait by This World Fair, I just melt. It's so lovely.

"I got brass knuckles hanging from my neck in my chain."
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte

It's Your Heart That Knows Who Loves You, Not Your Ears or Eyes.


(that's from Angie's site -which she got from facebook... I like the line :p)

Want to play a game with me?
Come up with a playlist of songs and the "events" you associate with it if it could be an OST of a movie or your life. It's nice to do this when you focus solely on the song and try to feel and interpret the story behind it.
(And I'm doing this in the middle of my Economics homework, HA!)
  1. Don't Make Me Wait - This World Fair: slow dancing of a couple; there' a ball, with chandeliers sparkling above and everything else is shimmering; the boy and girl approach each other and everything's happening in slow motion (with the shimmering of the chandeliers due to its reflection of lights -everything's blurry because of this except the two of them); they gently place their hands on each other, the girl's on the shoulder of the guy and the guy's on the girl's hips; they move in circles, slowly, to the beat of the background music (mentioned above)
  2. Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3: one thought. the one night stand in the story I'm working on. HAHAHA.
  3. Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event: beach shore, star gazing, girl in a white cotton dress with long wavy hair and light tan skin tone as if basking under the stars instead of the sun, her legs are stretched out, she's sitting on the sand; there's a guy next to her, cross-legged, they're not romantically related ok? they're just reveling at the beauty of a night on the beach, girl starts to stand up and dance to empty music, slowly, she stretches her arms up and moves her hips creating 8s in the air
I came up with that last night -I just saved it as a draft post though. :p
ANYWAY. My internet is working unbelievably slowly today. :| Not good. My playlist is now working fast enough to let me finsih a song and IT'S NOT HELPING. I need background music to pacify me as I do my homeworks. I'm almost done with all (lucky me!) except for my Econ Modules (because until now I don't have a book yet. GREAT!) and IP (which I'm trying so hard to IGNORE). ...And oh, the greek understanding of the human being for Philo. HAHAHA.

I played MooShu Tiles a while ago and I finished a round so I got a fortune cookie which says:
"Suicide is the most sincere form of self-criticism."
True isn't it?

Anyway, time for research! (UGH.) "playlist" above is not finished yet, ok? HAHA.