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You Make Breaking Hearts Look So Easy


Breaking - Anberlin

"You make breaking hearts look so easy
seem like you've done this before
You've got breaking hearts all but down
and you've done this, you've done this before
You make stealing hearts look so easy
Where is the girl I adore
You've got breaking up all but down
I can't love a thief anymore"

Ultimate break-up song for the story I'm working on. Teehee. ;)

Jeez, I'm so happy! I'm almost done with my IP Proposal. I don't think it's much Physics but right now, the only though evading my brain is 'at least I've got something pass'. I know that shouldn't be my attitude but...I don't want to suffer another minute of thinking what could be a possible IP topic. :D
I'm so happy about it because it sort of just came to me this morning when I wake up.
-My sleep was full of "awaking" moments and then sleeping again. Tss. ...Like you needed to know that. HA!

Anyway, I'm so excited for to-mo-rrow! My friends and I are going to have an overnight at a hotel! Partaaay!

I can't wait! The thought has been flooding my mind since dawn of today. :o My whole barkada's going except for one unfortunately but that makes the most of us and I'm just so happy, wee! ;))

"Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef, That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him."
Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
...That seriously makes me laugh. Especially when your hear them singing it. =))

OH JEEZ. Taylor Swift looks so lovely in her Glamour magazine cover!

I haven't visited JustJaredJr. for a long time so I'm catching up. HAHAHA.

They're coming up with a 3D version of Step-Up!! WEE-HOO! <:-p With Alyson Stoner and Adam Sevani. I can't wait. 2010, come sooner! NEWS HERE

Adam is gorgeous. ;))

Everytime I hear Don't Make Me Wait by This World Fair, I just melt. It's so lovely.

"I got brass knuckles hanging from my neck in my chain."
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte


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