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It's Your Heart That Knows Who Loves You, Not Your Ears or Eyes.


(that's from Angie's site -which she got from facebook... I like the line :p)

Want to play a game with me?
Come up with a playlist of songs and the "events" you associate with it if it could be an OST of a movie or your life. It's nice to do this when you focus solely on the song and try to feel and interpret the story behind it.
(And I'm doing this in the middle of my Economics homework, HA!)
  1. Don't Make Me Wait - This World Fair: slow dancing of a couple; there' a ball, with chandeliers sparkling above and everything else is shimmering; the boy and girl approach each other and everything's happening in slow motion (with the shimmering of the chandeliers due to its reflection of lights -everything's blurry because of this except the two of them); they gently place their hands on each other, the girl's on the shoulder of the guy and the guy's on the girl's hips; they move in circles, slowly, to the beat of the background music (mentioned above)
  2. Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3: one thought. the one night stand in the story I'm working on. HAHAHA.
  3. Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event: beach shore, star gazing, girl in a white cotton dress with long wavy hair and light tan skin tone as if basking under the stars instead of the sun, her legs are stretched out, she's sitting on the sand; there's a guy next to her, cross-legged, they're not romantically related ok? they're just reveling at the beauty of a night on the beach, girl starts to stand up and dance to empty music, slowly, she stretches her arms up and moves her hips creating 8s in the air
I came up with that last night -I just saved it as a draft post though. :p
ANYWAY. My internet is working unbelievably slowly today. :| Not good. My playlist is now working fast enough to let me finsih a song and IT'S NOT HELPING. I need background music to pacify me as I do my homeworks. I'm almost done with all (lucky me!) except for my Econ Modules (because until now I don't have a book yet. GREAT!) and IP (which I'm trying so hard to IGNORE). ...And oh, the greek understanding of the human being for Philo. HAHAHA.

I played MooShu Tiles a while ago and I finished a round so I got a fortune cookie which says:
"Suicide is the most sincere form of self-criticism."
True isn't it?

Anyway, time for research! (UGH.) "playlist" above is not finished yet, ok? HAHA.



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