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Crack The Shutters Open - Snow Patrol

Salt, Pepa And Spinderella!
That's my stress-relieving song for the moment. I feel like bopping my head to it but I don't think that would let my type properly (jeez, I really tried it just to see).

I'm suffering from research-overload. I've been sitting in the computer for hours. Mind you, I can last a day in the computer but not when you're researching about your country's former presidents, most of which I wasn't even alive when they had their terms! I had to research about the Economic Policies during their time and I really PUSHED myself to finish it. So I could at least go do something else for the following days. I HAVEN'T DONE MY PART FOR OUR IP YET. AAAH! It's due on July 3. I'm panicking, I'm panicking!

I find the techno/electronica music is helping easy my burdened brain. HAHAHA.
Time for a break!

I need to change my blog header. :o I won't do that now though. I don't have the-ener-gy to deal with HTML right now. LOL.

I want a The Fray or Snow Patrol album. Every song they release, I seem to absolutely love! I don't there is one which I didn't learn to like. :o
I heard their new song Crack The Shutters on the radio station. Nice lines. :)


Blogger ayna said...

Newsflash. You can die from research overload.

I hope you're doing better than I am :)

2:21 PM, June 30, 2009  
Blogger the Scorpio said...

For real? Then most probably I'm dead right now. =)) I just don't know it. :))
I hope we're both doing fine. Just a few more days! ;)

OOH. I read your book by the way. IT'S SO FUNNY! Hahaha! I enjoyed it. I had a post about it.
Weird to get into a boy's mind. >:)
SCARY. Kidding. :p

5:03 PM, June 30, 2009  
Anonymous angie said...

buddy! :)) HUHU. di pa rin ako tapos sa homework. :|
WAHA, ooy, i'm blogging na rin! ..ulit=)) IKAW KASI E:)) haha. you have inspired me, woman. hahaha

7:09 PM, June 30, 2009  
Anonymous angie said...

woops. wrong link yung sa name ko kanina=)) haha!

7:11 PM, June 30, 2009  
Blogger the Scorpio said...

AWW. ANGIE! You flatter me too much. >:)
God bless satin sa homeworks. MALAPIT NA MAG JULY 6. AAH. May homeworks na nga may quizzes pa to greet us pagbalik. :(( HAHAHA.
We shall not feel miserable (but wait, WE DO. :|) =))

See you soon!

...and I shall check out your blog. >:)
Follow me. =))

3:22 PM, July 01, 2009  
Blogger ayna said...

It's actually a refreshing change to read with a dude's POV.
But no kidding, it is kinda scary ;))

Hi Angie!

8:05 PM, July 01, 2009  
Anonymous angie said...

Hihi, buddy loves you too:">

AYNA! :D *waves* =))

8:41 PM, July 01, 2009  
Blogger the Scorpio said...

Ayna, Angie, ang cute niyo. =))

Ayna. Refreshing but yes, scary. ;))

4:28 PM, July 02, 2009  

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