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3 Poems A Night


Messed Up Love Affair

You stare at her, I stare at you
I see your back, you don't see me
She looks ahead, away from you
Your eyes they burn, my tears they fall
You call her name, I whisper yours
She screams his, he mumbles mine
It's a messed up love affair involving four
I love you, you love her, she loves him, he loves me
Messed up
Messed up
Messed up

An Afternoon at the Fair (working title)

I'm pretty miserable, you're too irritable
We make a good pair, let's go to the world fair
Let's eat cotton candy and vanilla ice cream
Ride the tea cup, make me scream
Shoot me a stuffed toy, oh this is joy!
We'll go 'round 'till we're dizzy
Won't you buy me fizzy (coke!)?
Take hold of my hand
We'll swing it 'long as we stand
The band will be playing soon
The drummer's a repelling goon
But we'll dance to the music
Until what we feel is so sick
Grab a trash bag, shove your face
Puke it all out, gone is the haze
Feel lighter, feel better
Won't you write me a letter?
We'll be parting for tonight
Can we at least grab a bite?
Put your hand on my shoulder
Don't dare trip on a boulder
You'll hurt both of us
I hear you blurt out a cuss
My giggle it echoes
The night is one of our foes
Day's come to an end, goodbye for now
But instead of a kiss, you give me a bow!

Waking Up

When sleep is soon gone
The dreaming is done
Time to think, time to think
In your misery, sink
Reality check is this a dream?
Which is non-fiction? I have a scheme
Recall the fantasy, live the reality
Combine together, it's only momentarily
It won't last long so be sure to hold on
Day will arrive soon at the break of dawn


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