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I want waaatch! :)

Blame It On The Aaaaaalcohol!


La Garconne: Jade Jezebel Jagger

Sweating it:

Stylesightings: Details, etc...

OMG. I have a similar looking skirt (one worn by the real person -not the mannequin. HAHAHA)

Fish and Chips


Red Lipstick - Skint and Demoralised


Fished this off my brother's Tumbr. ;)


Browsing Through Converse Ads



I wanna know who the girl in the middle is. I need to know.

I researched, her name's Sophie Kasakove (Care Bears on Fire).
Girl crush! (Just in the Converse Ad though -or not. She's 11 or 12 years old for goodness' sake!)


I'm a fan of blacks, grays, whites, and the colors ins between.

All images are from La Garconne (see exits links above) and the clothing brand is VPL.



I've been constantly visiting La Garconne's site and boy am I amazed at the clothing they have in store! AMAZING.

I have surely consumed much of the storage of my computer due to my saving of clothing pictures (I pretty much save all that I find nice which is basically almost always 8 out of 10, statistically speaking).

I am fond of basic colors when it comes to clothing, especially the grays. It's not so black, it's not so white (duh!), it's somewhere in the middle so I love it. :p But hey, I'm a fan of colors too! :)

Lutz & Patmos Slouchy Envelope Cardigan

Lutz & Patmos Mariner Boatneck

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl


Good Charlotte

Holla! :)

Tiring but super meaningful day, right seniors? AGREE WITH ME. Hahaha!

We had our interaction with the Dumagat kids in Tanay today.
I woke up at around 5 in the morning (to await my school bus which I was expecting to arrive in 30 minutes). It was raining already and I felt too lazy to rise from bed, hoping that perhaps, our interaction was to be cancelled (I would take this back once we get hiking). Unfortunately, no text message infroming us seniors that the activity was cancelled was received by any of us people involved. The activity is still on.

As I moved around to do my morning rituals, Natasha, a neighbor-slash-classmate, arrived later on. She waited for me to finish dressing up and then together, we waited for my ever-late school bus (thank God they agreed to pick us up though! -special trip).
We arrived in school a few minutes before the designated time to leave. Afterwards, major road kill! HAHAHA. Kidding. :) The trip was quite long but it did not make me impatient. ;) I love roadtrips! Food trip too. ENJOY. We rode a bus first and then a jeepney afterwards. We trekked/hiked the rest of the pathway towards the school. The scenery was sooo beautiful! If our school had that kind of scenery as its location, wow! Who wouldn't be inspired to study when it's so tranquil and harmonious? Sigh. It was such a lovely place that it made me appreciate nature so much. Teehee. ;)

The program proper soon followed when everyone has arrived at the venue. Each section was divided into two (20+ each per 20 Dumagat students). We introduced ourselves to the kids and they did the same. We "played" a little before we had snacks, sang some Filipino songs we both knew. Later on, we had the games and storytelling. Lunch time followed soon after, and then back to school time! STUFFED MYSELF WITH FOOD. @-) HAHAHA. Yum!



You Know That I Could Use Somebody


Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

Good evening readers! :) [If there are any for that matter.]

It's been a rainy week -stormy is the more appropriate word to use. :p
Don't get me wrong, I love the rain but today's wearing me down. I dunno. It must have been the tiring week. Today is just not a good day for me I guess. It ain't so bad either. The mass we had earlier was superb (I know that term is so improper to use). I needed time with God. I haven't been attending our morning talks due to school production practices. I needed to catch up with God.

God loves me. :)
God loves you too. ;)

"What am I that You should love me, and hold me as Your dearest love of all?"

Sometimes I am completely at awe at how much God loves me. Really. It's just so amazing most times, that despite all my imperfections and my mistakes, He still loves me.
I am marveling right now.

I'm so thankful God loves me. :)

Ok, that was an outpouring of emotions. HAHAHA. I don't know why those words came out of me. They just flowed spontaneously. Heh. :D

Anyway, yesterday and today, we had our school production. The days before those, we had full-day practices (tiring!). I was part of the Spin-off Dance which I am ever so grateful for (guess what? Part of my "things-to-do-before-I-graduate" is to participate in the school production. HAHAHA. -At least I have one thing marked off my checklist *winks*).

I am listening to previously made playlist again (Jack's Mannequin to be exact).

"I'm thinking I prefer not to be rescued."
Rescued - Jack's Mannequin

He Is We, Word To The Wise, After You, The Scene Aesthetic


Listen, click the picture!

Word to the Wise
The Scene Aesthetic

After You