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Trace the Moment, Fall Forever


So I did keep telling myself that I'd be a faithful author to my blog...
...and so far my most recent post has been more than a week ago.

But the point is, I'm posting again. Today.
I ran through the months in my posts' archive and saw that I had no posts for the months of August and September this 2010.
A proof of the adultery I committed with Tumblr.
Oh, why am I even looking back? It's about time I look forward. And move forward.

The second semester has begun a week ago and it was eventful as it was uneventful.
It goes beyond words such that only first-hand experience could suffice as explanation.
(Or, I'm most probably avoiding putting into words how my first week went.)
But I repeat: the first week of my second semester was eventful as it was uneventful.
Some happenings had smiles as feedback while others just downright landed an exasperation on my face!
I won't get into that though.

I'm going to learn Spanish this semester.


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