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My last post is dated January 3rd. Now, it's the 15th.
How long has it been?

I haven't been "in touch" with my cyber accounts for quite a while; only checking from time to time but never really bothering to update though I badly want to -I just have other things that I should be prioritizing first: like Prom which is a month away, our QTs next week..I shall not enumerate.

A Junior's schedule is so jam-packed, I feel choked.
I want to enjoy it -and I am..- but there are things holding me back.
I'm not really down but I feel like school is holding me back from doing other things I also want to do. So much time is needed to be devoted in and for school -sometimes even weekends seem like school spent in the comforts of home.

I have to e-mail my "foreigner" friends. It's been a while and I feel like I'm making the distance between us wider.

Last Saturday, I went with my parents to Cavite -where the weather froze me to the bones. Add to that very powerful blows of the wind! It was fun though. I ate a lot. Lol. And we went and checked out the farm. We brought home many pasalubongs which were composed of mainly fruits and vegetables.
My real reason for going there however, was to look for a prom date. HAHAHA. I desperately need one! However, I found none because the children of my mom's friends didn't come along -as planned. Oh well, papel. HAHAHA.

A friend of mine said she has a prospect for me already (set-up) style and from how she's acting, I think the 'promspect' is actually good-looking. She says he's english speaking and all and goes to an international school and oh, he dances too. INTIMIDATING MUCH? Hahaha. But I'm honestly looking forward to it. :) I hope he's 'the one'.

Finally unit tests are over. Quarterly ones are to follow next week! 3 days a day! Imagine that?
It frustrates me. How can I study 3 subjects for half a day which for each subject, I will be recalling a quarter's worth of lessons? THOSE ARE A LOT. Have they no mercy?

*breathes deeply*
Okay, I shall relax.

I'll tell more soon (I hope...maybe tomorrow).
My sister needs the internet.

"You leave me speechless."
Speechless - The Veronicas

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"My desire to be an observer of life was actually keeping me from having one."
Annie Braddock, The Nanny Diaries

Well, hullo, 3rd of January!
Gosh, 2 more days and 2 more nights and I'd be boarding the school service again to go to school.
School. Geez, where do I even start with that??

Watched 3 movies on DVD yesterday (pirated. PLEASE DON'T ARREST ME)! Eagle Eye (which unfortunately, I haven't persuaded others too watch -but my sister and father watched with me), 10,000 BC (whose story I didn't full understand..) and The Nanny Diaries (which all of us enjoyed!).

I had a dream today -about a school test in CLE and I couldn't answer the test at all and I was under time pressure...gosh, good thing it was just a dream! I don't want to go into the details. Lol.

I just have to post this:

Womanizer- The All-American Rejects (Cover)


Oh Gosh, The Green-Eyed Monster Just Erupted From Within Me


I can't help being jealous...SHE'S so good, perfect! Talented, pretty, rich...
And she's got a lookbook too. ;) ---and a lot more sites whose links you can find in her pages. ;)

Well, to get it over and done with, HAPPY NEW YEAR everbody! :)
Gosh, how quickly 2008 passed. :o
It was definitely a fast-paced year from how I see it. :)
Anyway, it rained here for the New Year. Imagine that? But that didn't stop the people from lighting up fireworks! ;) I didn't though. We haven't bought fireworks for years! So my siblings and I, including our friends, enjoyed the New Year watching fireworks in the sky -from different angles.
Movie marathon till dawn! :)) Pirated DVDs. OOPS. Please don't arrest me? ;;)
Wild Child (didn't finish it), The Hottie and the Nottie (sp?) and Twilight.

I shall cut back on unhealthy food and exercise! I can feel my heart's weak.
Got to do some runnin'! ;) :>

Let me light up the sky, light it up for you.
Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard