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It's Not That Our Love Died, It Just Never Really Bloomed


Can't Let Go - Landon Pigg

Ola, Cyber World! I missed you. I had fever yesterday and wasn't fit to use the computer. I wouldn't dare add more burden to my already aching head. It was a good thing though that I caught the sickness after review class has finished! Whoopee!

Anyway, I have been nothing but a couch potato all-day-long.
I've watched Mr. Bean's Holiday -for the nth time, Marie Antoinette, Flicka, the movie before Marie Anoinette.....some TV series...and Disturbia -again. Lol.

Oh! What caught me, by the way was Disturbia's OST. It is absolutely magnificent. I don't think there is one song in their sound track that I didn't like! I should ransack record stores for a cd.

Here are some of the songs included:

1. One Man Wrecking Maching by Guster
2. Don't Make Me Wait by This World Fair
3. The Great American Napkin by The Summer Skinny
4. Always Love by Nada Surf
5. Because I Got High by Afroman (they have quite a number of reggae music which are all lovely)
6. Dream by Priscilla Ahn

May 28 was review classes' end for us. My sister and I had plans to go to her friend's debut afterwards so my brother and I didn't join the rest of our review classmates who hung out together afterwards.

School will start in exactly a week. No shocker there. I haven't read any novel though for our annual summer reading program. Now, there's reason for me to panic. Aaah!

A sudden though dying to explode: I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL!!!

Okay, that seemed violent. HAHAHA.

Geez, ants are crawling all over again. ...I really shouldn't eat near this place. *sheepish grin*

Ugh, I feel deaf due to my cold. :|

My DIY distressed shorts (see photo above as well):

I can't wait for the New Moon flick.
...nor Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

A shout out to my sister who is currently in Boracay, I MISS YOU ALREADY. :| I love you. ;)
Safe trip home!

Goodbye And Thanks For The Memories


Brilliant Lies - New Year's Day

Episode 9 of Boys Before Flowers.

I am frustrated and ecstatic at the same time. And since I want to end on a good note, I'll share the reason behind my frustration first which, come to think of it, is the same reasons why I'm ecstatic.

I'm frustrated because my dream first kiss, how I imagined my first kiss would be, was aired on international television! :( Geum Jan Di's and Gu Jun Pyo's first kiss happened in a playground, with Jan Di on the swing and Jun Pyo half-kneeling on the ground. That's exactly how I imagined my first kiss would be: playground (minus the Christmas lights :p), I on the swing, guy on the ground, half-kneeling/crouching, plus a few more details so you can imagine exactly how it is all happening. I even wrote it down so I won't forget about it! I'll copy-paste it here at the end of this post. :p
I'm frustrated that it's been done already, therefore my 'dream first kiss' isn't so original anymore. :| Hahaha. I guess it's time to come up with a new dream first kiss?

...It's not that easy.

Oh, I also have a dream proposal! Lol. I haven't written it down yet though. I shall do so. Soon.

The second feeling, (I'm also ecstatic remember?), is brought about by the same reason which made me frustrated. Their first kiss! Lol. Well, who wouldn't feel elated when the lips of the tv show couple you're voting for finally meeet? In a Christmas lights lit playground, on a cold snowy evening, with the girl on the swing and the guy on the ground, half-kneeling and leaning in to kiss the lips of his beloved?
I would!

Jan Di and Jun Pyo finally kiss!
Whoopee! ;)


We continued going around the village until we got tired and decided to have the village’s abandoned playground as our last stop.

“Well…this looks new.” I said half-laughing.

“There aren’t much kids around here to play with the swing, the seesaw, nor the monkey bars…you get the point.” He chuckled.

“There are always the kids at heart.” I nudged him on the elbow and ran to my happy place –the swing.

I heard him laugh and follow me. He sat on the ground, a few foot away from me –where he could hear me if I happen to babble which, granted being me, I surely will.

I started gabbing away while he listened, uncomplaining, unspeaking.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Am I boring you?” I asked curiously with my head tilting a little to the side. He smiled at me and said quit matter-of-factly “I enjoy listening to you, you pretty much say everything for the both of us, and no, you’re not boring me. ..Fat chance on that one.”

We both laughed at that.

We joked around a couple more times, trying to get as many laughs in between our words.

We remained silent after a while. It wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t boring, just comfortable, actually.

It stayed that way for who knows how long when he popped the most random question I never expected him to ask given that moment.

“May I kiss you?”

I take my eyes away from the stars in the night sky to look at his. He didn’t look like he was joking, he looked..expectant. “Err..” I start “I guess.”

He took his eyes away from mine –and I witnessed my heart ache without knowing why. I observed his face change from non-caring to deep in thought, his eyebrows furrowing. His wore the latter expression for some time but when he looked back at me, he wore the look of nonchalance –like he didn’t just ask me a random-out-of-nowhere-didn’t-even-give-me-a-warning-question– and then said quite smugly “Was just asking.” Then he looked away.

I felt my heart crush inside of me and as a reflection, I gritted my teeth –to hold my tears back, just in case. Well that hurt. I thought to myself. I was expecting he would…Oh well. I added to my thought. No kiss for me I guess.

I resorted back to staring at the stars so I looked up at the velvet night sky painted with those small orbs of light. I started counting them –as a distraction-slash-defense mechanism I think– my eyes were starting to burn. I heard him hum a few times then stop then repeat the pattern. After a while, he stopped permanently.

For all the time he was doing this, I continued my counting for fear I would cry when I look down. When I felt that no tears would fall when I look down again, I looked back to that area of grass where I expected to find him but his face was inches from mine, very close. Too close. I could count his lashes for all I know and even estimate the diameter of the mole under his eye. I took a breath and held it.

“I love you.” He said gently.

My heart melted and raced at the same time. I closed my eyes.

This is too impossible to be real..but I felt his touch. It was his hand that I felt on my right hand –the one holding the chains of the swing I was in.

He intertwined our fingers with utmost care and I did not dare open my eyes for fear it might break the dream I pretended to be in.

I knew he moved closer when I caught a whiff of his scent that he usually rubs at the ends of his jaw. He rested his cheek on my left one. I remained still, immobile. He sighed.

“I love you.” He repeated, whispering to my ear.

I slowly let out the breath I’ve been holding.

I opened my eyes.

“I..” I began

-and then he kissed me.

It's mine. Understood?

"I don't just want to be your regret."
Medicine Man - The Hush Sound



"I'm freakin' out
It's like a poison in my brain
It's like a fog that blurs the scene
It's like a vine you cant untangle
I’m freakin' out
Everytime I turn around
Something don’t feel right
I might be paranoid"

New Jonas Brothers music video.
This time around, Nick takes the lead.
Great cinematography (?).

Jonas Brothers - Paranoid - Music Video in HD

I Can't Make Up My Mind

I was watching Pop MYX a few minutes ago and I saw this video Faces by Electrico. I found the lyrics nice and the sound reminds me of foreign bands whose music I love. I wasn't quite sure though if the band was foreign or local due to the video which was featuring Asians. I looked it up and I found it it's a Singaporean band. Time to check their MySpace!

Oh, oh, oh. I want to read this book called This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. I found out about it after some lookbooking, and then tumblring. Lol.
Buy me one?

P.S. I hope we go to mass tonight.

"I'll break your heart."
Effy - Skins


YOU make ME feel like MY life's boring.

...and it hurts.

Okay, emo post much? I dunno...sometimes, I read about other peoples' lives and I just envy how they make their lives seem so interesting and full of adventure; how they write so well it captivates their audience and drives them into their worlds. It's just striking and suddenly, my life seems like...nothing interesting.
I think somehow we have all felt that way (or maybe I just badly want company while I'm in my misery).

Your Love Is My Heart Disease

Ready Aim Misfire - New Year's Day

"Shoot my cupid out of the sky Break off his wings and gouge out his eyes And thank him for nothing, 'cause that's all that he gave to me"

Okay, New Year's Day song lyrics are almost always, if not never, emo but, I can't help liking it. I really am into the beat and tempo (are those two the same thing?) of their songs. I feel that they are the type which you can close your eyes to, tap your foot to while your head's bopping along. It's plain fun though saying that sound ironic if you think in terms of their lyrics.
Oh, whatever.
I love them anyway. Lol.
Their song titles are pretty interesting too: Ready Aim Misfire, My Sweet Unvalentine (this reminds me of Paramore and The Hush Sound -the beat) , Part Time Lover (this somehow reminds me of Panic At The Disco), and Brilliant Lies to mention a few.
I saw a music video of theirs on MYX yesterday or was it the other day. I don't know when it's been released but it's only a day ago when I saw it anyway. :p

If I am late by weeks, months, or what, I am sorry. :p

Currently, I'm making playlists which is mostly about the band more than the songs. So, to make you understand further, the playlist I'm making will consist more of the many songs of a limited number of bands. Err...I don't think that helped. Lol.
Hmm...let's just say my previous playlists consist of the songs I prefer and the artist/s who sang them but now, I'm focusing more on the artist, and the song that they're making.

...I think that's pretty clear. :p
I'm doing Tokio Hotel (I heard their vocalist -who looks great whether he be a boy or a girl- has a new' do) next and maybe The Hush Sound, etc...

To change the topic, today's my third to the last review class day. 2 more days to go and it's over. I actually think I'm going to miss it...-the fast food meals inlcuded though hopefully, I'd stay away from fast food for the month's to follow.

And because I am vain and I really like planning what I wear when I go out, I'm going to admit something.
A week before review class, I seriously listed down and enumerated my tops (shirts, polos, etc), my bottoms (pants, shorts, etc), my bags and my pairs of shoes. UGH! It is so vain of me. :|

I didn't follow it though. Lol. make things 'interesting', I shall post a 'lookbook' of my outfits for the extent of my review classes (I am so maarte. :|)

Oh, oh, oh! I went out with friends yesterday, by the way!

It was so much fun!
Laugh trip on our way to Eastwood; funny stories, blooper English words, acronyms for our 'coolness', it was just elating!!
I enjoyed very much. It was great company anyway, what else should I have expected?
We watched Night At The Museum 2 which, in our opinion, is better than the one which preceded it. Reg clapped at the end of the movie -it was hilarious. Lol. It was that good guys. You better watch it.
And oh, an itsy-bitsy spoiler, the Jonas Brothers have a little cameo in the movie. Watch out for it Jo Bro fans! ;)

Sadly, the I found the 'night-out-with-friends' short and we haven't got a camera with us to 'capture them memories'. We only had time to watch a movie and have dinner. We didn't get the chance to exchange stories except during the ride we had before we arrived there. :p
Hopefully, there would be more of these hang-outs of course. ;)
I'm looking forward to them already. ;) Yay!

"I'm sorry that you miss me, I'm sorry I don't care, I was just a crutch for your lonliness, Your heart was never really there"
You'll Only Make It Worse - New Year's Day

The Sunless Day Fading Toward A Starless Night


New Moon, Stephenie Meyer

Fished this off

I know there are many Twilight bashers out there but I won't pretend that I hate the saga too when I don't. How could I hate something that made me feel surreal can be real?
I'm actually pretty excited to see the next movie!

It's funny actually that justjaredjr is flooding their site with New Moon (movie) updates. ;) About the actors and all, how's the shoot doing and the like. :)

OH WAIT, I just realized I am in the New Moon archives (that explains what I just said above). How foolish! Lol.

Anyway, to change the topic, I'm (hopefully) going out with my friends today. Whoopee!!
I can't wait!

And oh, Ive been looking forward to watching Fame, which is to be shown not until September. :| I've been waiting...

Their hot Vanity Fair photo:
*click to enlarge!*

Standing, from left: Asher Book, Kay Panabaker, Kherington Payne, Paul McGill, director Kevin Tancharoen, Naturi Naughton, Collins Pennie, and Walter Perez. Seated, from left: Paul Iacono, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and Kristy Flores.

Paul Iacono is adorable. :x

And Asher Book too. ;)


I'm Hearing What You Say But I Just Can't Make A Sound


Apologize - Kris Allen (One Republic cover)

Well, I thought I'd blog today so here I am, typing away.

The prominent thought swimming in my head right now is how badly I wanted to hug Kris Allen a while ago in American Idol -in his last song I mean. I felt like he was on the verge of crying! :p And the song was good (love the lyrics) and I agree with Randy Jackson when he said that the song suited Kris' voice more than Adam's. However, I guess the notes were too high and Kris' confidence was already crushed by Adam's earlier performances (which was great as well).
I still love him though. *wink*
I'd surely love his album if one happens to come out. His voice is so versatile and he sings just the right songs for his voice. It reminds me of Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, One Republic and the like. :p
Hope he wins! *fingers crossed*

Review Classes are on its last few days; last four days to be exact.

OH, OH, OH! I distressed a pair of shorts today! :p I think it turned out pretty well. ;) Though I wish I wasn't carried away that much and was less impulsive. Lol. I'll post a picture when I get the chance to wear it (which is soon, actually).
I've been 'tired' of wearing long pants these days so I've resorted to shorts and luckily, I just have enough pairs to wear until the last day of review. [The recent 'confidence-epiphany' I had is really working, I think. -I've been very conscious of my scarred legs. But sometime this summer, I got over it and decided I don't mind what people will think of my legs. -It's not theirs anyway. Lol.]

They're very comofortable and just appropriate for the hot weather.
Off to watch an ep of Boys Over Flowers online. ;)

"Got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see."
Come Together - Kris Allen (The Beatles cover)

My Heart Keeps Beating Like A Hammer


Help! I'm Alive - Metric

I am posting to let previous posts of mine to 'disappear' from my page (straight into my archive). Some of my posts are too long they blow my layout out of proportion. HAHA. Kidding.

However, the problem is, I don't have much to post about.
I'm still unsure if my brother and I have review class tomorrow, which is a Monday, when our schedule is TThS.
I forgot to ask our teacher about it yesterday and I doubt that Expert Guides' office is 'open' on a Sunday so I didn't try calling.
Also, our class 'exchanges' our classroom with Batch 12 whose schedule is MWF, so if we happen to have class tomorrow...just imagine cramming up the already crammed classroom with, perhaps, 30+ more people?

Anyway, I got a little bored and decided to check out some updates in the accounts of my friends in Multiply and here's one of the 'surveys' I came across with:

Make your own B A N D !

1. Go here. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2. Go here. The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3. Go here. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Go here. The first ten links you end up in (minus the
.coms) are your 10 song titles.

And the results are...

Band name: Tamura
Album Title: Are Taught To Stammer
Abum Cover:

Song List:
Two If By Sea
Nothing Nice
Back To The Future
New Rules
Barcelona Street Art
Wernhamhogg (say what?)

It was fun and interesting.
You should try it. :>

Too Cute Not To Post


*videos are not mine*

What Happened To Sandara Park?


I know this is old news ok? :p
It's only now though that I decided to check it out. And I do not regret doing so. I adored the video! It's so techno. Sandara is the most beautiful in the group, in my opinion. The rest of the group were cute! I guess that's a given when it comes to Koreans.
Who doesn't swoon over Kim Bum? ...Especially when he smiles? It's heart melting.

I saw many great pictures of him but I wanted to post one that shows of his smile best. :p
But why not get an image that captures tons of his facial expressions? Lol.

Here's the Sandara Park video:

So I'm not exactly going to fill this post with lovely Korean things.
They're addicting.
And...I dunno, I fear attachment to things like that because I know they fade. For example, the tv series ends.
I don't know, I find it hard to explain but I prevent myself from watching tv series and such because I get attached to them and I get frustrated from the impossibility of most of it.
But I'm working on that.

At the present moment, I'm watching Boys Over Flowers. ;)

Perhaps, this post was meant be 'all about Koreans'. Lol.
I realize now that I haven't got much to say. :p

Maybe later.

I Wish It Was Me You Chose


Elvis Ain't Dead - Scouting For Girls

I understand the "tradition" of creating wish lists during Christmas season but a rule that says you can't make a wish list at any other time of the year is nonexistent. So I take this opportunity to create one (though in lieu of traditions, Christmas is still months, and months away).

P.S. This was conducted because of how many 'wants' revealed themselves to me as I was browsing the Nylon magazine online.

1) Gray tights (footless or not, I don't care)
2) Any striped piece of clothing (top, bottoms, accessories, ANY!)
3) Baggy, baggy tops (which looks like you just threw something on mindlessly)
4) Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes! (you can never have enough pairs -certain outfits call for certain shoes; I want flats, CANVAS SNEAKERS, strappy heels/flats, wedges, dunks, hi-tops, ANY PAIR OF SHOES for that matter! I want bowling shoes too! ;p)
5) Chain necklaces!! (gold ones, preferrably)
7) Charm bracelets (as well as charm necklaces)
8) Sewing machine! (not the big bulky one)
9) Tights, tights, tights, tights! (leggings! whatever you want to call them, I want tons of them, whether printed or plain, outrageous or simple!)
10) I want to be red-haired too by the way. (HAHAHA, though it will never suit my complexion. LOL. Really, red haired people are hot.)


NYLON magazine.

Tom Sturridge
is there. :o
My ultimate dream boy! [LOL.]
And oh, Jackson Rathbone is too. :)
[I didn't like him in Twilight much (that's just my opinion).
Hey, the boys aren't the reason why I love Nylon magazine.
The reason is all of its content! LOVE.


I want a my own tangible copy.

Ants are everywhere.
They're making me shiver.
...And they're really testing my patience.

2nd Sunday of the 5th month of a year, Mother's day.
We celebrated mass late in the afternoon and went to our my mother's parents' house to have dinner.
I rummaged through my lola's closet and bargained a loadful of 'vintage' finds! :>

Geez, Lookbook's been the website I spend the most time on. @-)
I will stop for the meantime, I'm starting to envy the people there.

..Not good.

I think I've quit exercising. :|

"That last kiss, I'll cherish,
until we meet again."
Who Knew - Pink

No Title For This One But This

5.08.2009 pictures!!
*Pictures are NOT mine.
It's extremely addicting to view all those photos!! I had to force myself to stop or else I might end up saving all the pictures I like -which are a lot.
Got to know when to stop you know?
The captions under the pictures are what caught my attention with regards to the photo above it.

*Her hair piece beautiful. What else can I say?
...and her sunnies too,
......and her red lips,
.........and her bangs. :>

*The tank and shorts of the girl in the right, the shades, the hat, the dress of the girl in the left.
P.S. I dunno why I'm not a fan of slippers/flip-flops. It makes me wonder why...

*Got to have my boys right? I like that they're all wearing shades. I love each pair each one of them is wearing and the outfit of the guy in the middle, the shirt of the guy in the left and his shoes as well. Include the clear lens glasses he has dangling on the neck of his shirt. As for the Asian (I think) guy in the right, his hair is amazing. :>

*The dress' colors are too lovely! It's certainly eye-catching and it matches the shoes.
I wish I could see her bag more. :)

*I love what all of them is wearing. Even that girl with the bright blue sunnies. :)
I love how it's 'trashy' and holey. :> And the tie-dyed dress (?) of the girl in the far left side.
For the two other girls, who doesn't light weight tank tops? They seem effortless!

*I-love-her-boots-! I like the dress' fabric and print. Her hat and hair suits her outfit -and the outfit suits her right back. And of course, I'm a die hard fan of sling bags!

*The dress' print!!
...The guy's top. :>
Still no to slippers. :p

*They're too cute! Lol. Their muscle shirts are all too lovely. Same goes for the shoes of the guy on the right and the shorts of the guy in the middle. :>

*Well, Batman tank is too cute and so is his ripped shorts. Effortless.
Ooh, I like that sailor cap too!

*First, her dress and how it's belted. Next, her frayed vest.
Oh, those heart shaped sunnies are cute too.

*He reminds me of Freddie from Skins, first of all. And then, his outfit is adorable. (Love tank tops!). His pair of aviators (?) is nice.

*I first imagined this would look cuter in a younger guy (no offense to the man above if you happen to be old already). I love the outfit! The graphic shirt is so cute and tuck them in those shorts and it becomes so adorable!

*I love lose items. :) I like the print of the dress and how flowy it is, and I like the bagginess of the sweater.

*The print of the dress is beautiful and its 'flare' at the bottom half too. Its fabric is lovely too.

*A graphic colorful romper = love.
Her look adds too. ;)

*Notice the girl on the right. I love her dress and its length plus the white pointy shoes with heels.

*I am a fan of cuffed jeans, canvas sneakers and peeking ankle socks! I find them too lovely!
[I am really awaiting the day I will get to buy a collection of Keds canvas sneakers! <3]

*Her beauty with that outfit is a perfect match! The dress is too beautiful to behold. The print, oh-my!! And the yellow tights of course, is striking.

*It's an LBD, that pretty much does the explanation. However, I love the cut of this dress though it is revealing. I think the fabric is nice too. Ooh, lovely dress, I want you!

*She's got cool tights on thought they seem like dirt or bruises from afar (no offense). Her sheer top has a nice print (if you look closer) and I am also a fan of the tuck in your blouse in your skirt and tie a belt to hold it together look. Lol. Nice shoes too and of course, the sling bag. :p

*The guy's outfit is what you should mind. It's the one which caught my attention.
Nice jeans and shoes. I also like how it's just above the ankle.

*The print at the bottom of the dress is beautiful and I want dark gray tights for myself.

*Oh, gray tight again! [It's making me envious.] What caught my attention though, is the dress of course! Lovely color, cut and fit and length. :) Now I notice her cropped red (?) or is the brown leather jacket? Whichever, I love her cropped jacket.

*I must have my stripes! I love stripes on outfits. I find it striking. :) The girls' tights are awesome too.

*COLE MOHR -caught my attention.

*First, the shorts. Second, the vest. Third, the striped shirt. Lol.

*Mind the guy again -though he's standing next to a British(?) it-girl. He looks like a rockstar. :p
I like his outfit. I forgot what the wash of the jeans he's wearing is, but I like it plus the denim vest and the shirt underneath. Add the shoes and jacket he's holding to those too.

*Her striped dress is lovely. And her leather chucks too though I don't prefer them paired together. :p

*Her bag and socks are what caught my attention. Lovely bag.

*She's too cute. :p I like her pink graphic shirt underneath and her denim vest. Her red sunnies and her blonde hair adds too. ;)

*Oh, I like her shorts too! -Told you her pink shirt is adorable. :p

*Her printed maxi dress is beautiful and she looks gorgeous too. ;)

*Yellow Doc Martens!!!
...ripped shorts.

*Her outfit goes well with the bike -and I don't mean that in a bad way! Her hat is cute. I like her vest and her shoes is love. I like her leggings and the shirt dress as well.

*Yellow cardigan and the almost all white outfit looks 'fresh'.

*I like her top's cut and fit. :) I should get black tights of my own. :|
Her hair pieces is alluring too. ;)

*I don't like her shoes much but I love the rest of her outfit. No fuss. Gray top, black leggings and a different colored jacket to add color. Beautiful!

*His tucked in newspaper-printed tank in that color caught my eye. So did his skinny frame and his white chest.

*Striped dress again. ;)

*I told you, I am a fan of outfits like the one above. Tucked in a skirt top, belt and sling bag, lovely!
The skirt's print and color and the tank top's cut and print is beautiful.

*The outfit style, once again. The skirt's print, the tucked in tank, the orange sling bag!! (Is that orange?)

*Her dress is b-e-a-utiful! The color, the print at the bottom, the cut, the flow! Her shoes as well!

*Mostly, just the skirt. :)

*The print of the girl's dress and its cut.

*I can see it better -full front. ;)

*The verticall striped shirt dress is beautiful.
I love it.

*The strikingly blue Mickey Mouse look-a-like shirt used as dress against her skintone is beautiful and I now notice her shoes too and its color! Love.

*I like stripes remember? And lose fit tops.
Those two things do the explanation.

*Her tiger-print shirt and the shorts with the pockets peeking through.

Okay, that was too many.
Is that illegal? :o

Also I have ellegirl pictures and justjaredjr ones, but, I'm too lazy to post them now so feed on those above -which are quite a lot. Lol.