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Ready Aim Misfire - New Year's Day

"Shoot my cupid out of the sky Break off his wings and gouge out his eyes And thank him for nothing, 'cause that's all that he gave to me"

Okay, New Year's Day song lyrics are almost always, if not never, emo but, I can't help liking it. I really am into the beat and tempo (are those two the same thing?) of their songs. I feel that they are the type which you can close your eyes to, tap your foot to while your head's bopping along. It's plain fun though saying that sound ironic if you think in terms of their lyrics.
Oh, whatever.
I love them anyway. Lol.
Their song titles are pretty interesting too: Ready Aim Misfire, My Sweet Unvalentine (this reminds me of Paramore and The Hush Sound -the beat) , Part Time Lover (this somehow reminds me of Panic At The Disco), and Brilliant Lies to mention a few.
I saw a music video of theirs on MYX yesterday or was it the other day. I don't know when it's been released but it's only a day ago when I saw it anyway. :p

If I am late by weeks, months, or what, I am sorry. :p

Currently, I'm making playlists which is mostly about the band more than the songs. So, to make you understand further, the playlist I'm making will consist more of the many songs of a limited number of bands. Err...I don't think that helped. Lol.
Hmm...let's just say my previous playlists consist of the songs I prefer and the artist/s who sang them but now, I'm focusing more on the artist, and the song that they're making.

...I think that's pretty clear. :p
I'm doing Tokio Hotel (I heard their vocalist -who looks great whether he be a boy or a girl- has a new' do) next and maybe The Hush Sound, etc...

To change the topic, today's my third to the last review class day. 2 more days to go and it's over. I actually think I'm going to miss it...-the fast food meals inlcuded though hopefully, I'd stay away from fast food for the month's to follow.

And because I am vain and I really like planning what I wear when I go out, I'm going to admit something.
A week before review class, I seriously listed down and enumerated my tops (shirts, polos, etc), my bottoms (pants, shorts, etc), my bags and my pairs of shoes. UGH! It is so vain of me. :|

I didn't follow it though. Lol. make things 'interesting', I shall post a 'lookbook' of my outfits for the extent of my review classes (I am so maarte. :|)

Oh, oh, oh! I went out with friends yesterday, by the way!

It was so much fun!
Laugh trip on our way to Eastwood; funny stories, blooper English words, acronyms for our 'coolness', it was just elating!!
I enjoyed very much. It was great company anyway, what else should I have expected?
We watched Night At The Museum 2 which, in our opinion, is better than the one which preceded it. Reg clapped at the end of the movie -it was hilarious. Lol. It was that good guys. You better watch it.
And oh, an itsy-bitsy spoiler, the Jonas Brothers have a little cameo in the movie. Watch out for it Jo Bro fans! ;)

Sadly, the I found the 'night-out-with-friends' short and we haven't got a camera with us to 'capture them memories'. We only had time to watch a movie and have dinner. We didn't get the chance to exchange stories except during the ride we had before we arrived there. :p
Hopefully, there would be more of these hang-outs of course. ;)
I'm looking forward to them already. ;) Yay!

"I'm sorry that you miss me, I'm sorry I don't care, I was just a crutch for your lonliness, Your heart was never really there"
You'll Only Make It Worse - New Year's Day


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