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New Moon, Stephenie Meyer

Fished this off

I know there are many Twilight bashers out there but I won't pretend that I hate the saga too when I don't. How could I hate something that made me feel surreal can be real?
I'm actually pretty excited to see the next movie!

It's funny actually that justjaredjr is flooding their site with New Moon (movie) updates. ;) About the actors and all, how's the shoot doing and the like. :)

OH WAIT, I just realized I am in the New Moon archives (that explains what I just said above). How foolish! Lol.

Anyway, to change the topic, I'm (hopefully) going out with my friends today. Whoopee!!
I can't wait!

And oh, Ive been looking forward to watching Fame, which is to be shown not until September. :| I've been waiting...

Their hot Vanity Fair photo:
*click to enlarge!*

Standing, from left: Asher Book, Kay Panabaker, Kherington Payne, Paul McGill, director Kevin Tancharoen, Naturi Naughton, Collins Pennie, and Walter Perez. Seated, from left: Paul Iacono, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and Kristy Flores.

Paul Iacono is adorable. :x

And Asher Book too. ;)



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