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What Happened To Sandara Park?


I know this is old news ok? :p
It's only now though that I decided to check it out. And I do not regret doing so. I adored the video! It's so techno. Sandara is the most beautiful in the group, in my opinion. The rest of the group were cute! I guess that's a given when it comes to Koreans.
Who doesn't swoon over Kim Bum? ...Especially when he smiles? It's heart melting.

I saw many great pictures of him but I wanted to post one that shows of his smile best. :p
But why not get an image that captures tons of his facial expressions? Lol.

Here's the Sandara Park video:

So I'm not exactly going to fill this post with lovely Korean things.
They're addicting.
And...I dunno, I fear attachment to things like that because I know they fade. For example, the tv series ends.
I don't know, I find it hard to explain but I prevent myself from watching tv series and such because I get attached to them and I get frustrated from the impossibility of most of it.
But I'm working on that.

At the present moment, I'm watching Boys Over Flowers. ;)

Perhaps, this post was meant be 'all about Koreans'. Lol.
I realize now that I haven't got much to say. :p

Maybe later.


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