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And Then It All Came Crashing Down


I'm posting!

...yet again.

Today was a 'go-out-of-the-house-day' so I got to go outside and inhale the summer breeze (if there was any, that is).

I woke up (unfortunately) before my alarm even rung its first few rings. So, against my strong urge to sleep in, I kicked my ass of the bed and rose, took a bath, lingered deciding on which clothes to wear, ...and then ate breakfast! :)

Luckily, my parents were in a good mood (that's the only reason I could think of) and they decided to drop me off school. No commuting! Yay!

Mind you, commuting is okay for me. Actually, there are even times when I find it refreshing and ...convenient? It's just that sometimes, well, to be honest, most times, just the thought of commuting makes me lazy. So I lose hype for the activity I am about to do or go to. Lol. :) And is 3 rides away so that makes me even lazier! HA!

You probably think I'm such a sloth. [I'm not.]

I arrived on time (as I like to believe) and waited a while in the MPB for someone who later on, I found out was already in the venue we were supposed to go to.
So I went along with someone who was almost a complete stranger to me if I haven't had her on my volleyball team back in grade 7. :p

The SCAA and Fair Committee (not that I'm officially a part of it *fingers crossed*) had a Strat Planning a while ago. Nose bleed. Hahaha! Actually, the only 'nose bleed' part was the time wherein a school staff broke us for us the expenses of and for the fair, etc, etc, etc.
Basically, accounting.
I've never liked that...and that talk just gave me more reason to do so.
...Not that I have anything against people who are into accounting and such. :D

Anyway, so where was I?
Strat Planning, yeah?
It was very productive and I'm pleased with what we've accomplished so far. :)
I listened intently (that's new! Kidding. :>) so I guess that's the reason I feel like I 'functioned' well.

"It's all black and white for me, baby."
Black and White by The Upper Room


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