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Hot N' Cold - Katy Perry

[This looks better at original size. Dang. Blogger messed the pixels up]

Dang, Flickr's keeping me from blogging. Lol.

Was checking out Lookbook beforehand and decided to check out some profiles, viewed their flickr sites and got obsessed. Lol. Hahaha! Kidding. ;)

I'm currently 'stalking' the following: 1, 2, 3.

So far, my favorite photo is that of 2's page: this. I think he's into portraits... I also love these two: CLICK , CLICK. Beautiful.
There are gazillion of pictures I adore from each site but mostly it's from 1's photostream. Absolutely adorable.

I'm obsessed with number 3. Officially speaking. Darn! But he takes good photos. :|
I shall stop obsession now.

Okay, I got tired of viewing their pages already. Too many.
Blast! I spent too long hours on that. Precious time.

Anyway, earlier this day, I tried exercising. But...failed. Lol. Read this:

Exercise is not made for girls like me (fine, maybe for A girl like ME phrases it better).
Seriously, I feel like puking (wait, let me change my background song -Circus by Spears is not exactly relaxing music... There, Just Like A Star suits me better) and my head is spinning. For a minute there all I can hear was my pulse-slash-heartbeat ringing in my hollow ears. No other sound was audible but that and I felt so sick I had to lie down.
Maybe it's the fault of hopping, jogging, extending, jumping, -you can name all the exercise movements you know- in your clustered bedroom but heck, do you want me to do aerobics outside the COMFORTS of our house?!! Not likely. Nu-uh. And in case you just thought of it, gym doesn't work for me. Actually, getting fit through dancing or any sport is the only way to go for me. But sadly, I can't afford workshops at the moment so I guess burning huge amounts of fat and turning them into muscles have to be postponed at the moment. (But heck, we all know I'd find a way. -I just can't go on pigging out this summer can I? Lol.)

Oh geez! I can't believe I forgot...
Ciao Marso.

My head hurts, ow.


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