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Play That Song Again


Listening to Geraldine for the nth time. Lol. (And, that's just me exaggerating.)

To count and check and to recount and recheck the reply slips of 48 people with the sun going down and you staying on the lower bunk of a double deck is not good for your head, nor your eyes, nor your neck, nor your back. Add to that, sending messages to your classmates -whose numbers are not in your phonebook because the cellphone you are using is not yours- in the dark (due to the sundown) has the same results.

Now, I must soothe my mind.
Good thing I've studied Chemistry and Algebra already (and my fear appears from the corner -yet again- to making me believe that I've forgotten what I've studied).

I'm down to studying Filipino -which I'm trying to delay.
I just gotta blog first don't I? -And listen to music!- It's soothing. *sighs and grins foolishly like*

I think I burned our viand -typing away made me forget it. Oops.
I checked it though -still good. Lol.

I wonder what'll happen to me if I choose not to study for Filipino...-there's only one way to find out. HAHAHA. Just kidding..

It's only today that I didn't sleep when I've arrived home. Yesterday, I slept before reviewing. Today...I lied down in bed, thought of sleeping first and then told myself I'll semi-review for Algebra first which turned into 'serious' reviewing -and then I decided to add Chemistry on the list so I studied that as well. If I'll evaluate the effectivity of my study time, I understood the lessons and...feel that I've stored 'em up in my brain.

I just checked my answers for the Algebra activity sheet and I now know that I know how to do the Elimination/Addition Method.

What am I talking about?
That's pure "nonsense" blogging.
That won't even interest me if I were to read this blog..

Well, here's something interesting to feed on.
An excerpt from our English test -the short story we read from which I've quoted some lines by copying them on a small piece of paper (a discarded temporary test permit which I kept in my pocket):

"They exist outside of their relationship to me."

""Nana," I said. I couldn't keep up the pretense longer, adding one more burden to my load of guilt, leading her on this way, playing a pathetic game of make-believe with an old woman clinging to memories. She didn't seem to hear me."

""I sit here these days, Mike," she said, her voice a lullaby, her hand still holding mine, "and I drift and dream. The days are fuzzy sometimes, merging together. Sometimes it's like not here at all but somewhere else altogether. And I always think of you. Those years we had. Not enough years, Mike, not enough..."

Those are the passages I found dramatic and significant. The story's beautiful though I couldn't and wouldn't summarize it for you -I fear that my summary wouldn't do the actualy story justice.

The story's The Moustache by Robert Cormier.

Someone shoot me.
It's the last day of school tomorrow (somehow it's still not sinking in) and I've no plans yet on how to spend the rest of the day once tests are over.

I should really be studying.
Pardon the senseless post..

I get to sleep early today.


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