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And Then I Pinky Swore With Him


With Clark of Not So Fast that's who! Lol.

Battle of the Bands + guest bands and San Beda Rizal last night with friends.
Only a few people came and I bet most of them were students of the school themselves so we were pretty much considered outsiders. We got the chance to stay upfront, and when I say upfront, I meant really upfront. If only I could go up the stage I would have.

It was an adventure. (HAHA!) We thought Not So Fast was the third band to play so we waited upfront for the longest time to be delayed by bands who were contestants of the battle. We pretty much got the point that they were going to play late but still we waited, hopeful. Later on after all the battle contestants have played and Iren was nearing its performance's end (I like their genre), we saw Not So Fast going backstage already (in the literal sense of it) so we went there to have pictures taken with tha band. However, when it was our turn, they were already to play next so we told them, particularly Clark, that we'll have pictures taken afterwards and he said sure. I asked him to pink swore on it so...there went my pink swear! Lol.

They played and boy were we sooo near. There was also this part wherein Clark jumped off the stage to play on the ground and he was literally inches from me -and guess what? That time, my camera didn't want to work! And oh, my camera lost its batt after their performance sooo...rely on my friend's cam to take a picture with the band. I only got one picture of the whole band.
I like their drummer. :>

It's a shame to admit this but I am not really a die-hard fan -it was my first time to hear them play thought they've played in our school for 2 consecutive school years already. Lol.
I don't know much of their songs.
However, I do like their choice of music when they played. Nice genre.


I shall blog again later.
Today, is study day.

Tests tomorrow and for the rest of the week!
Last 4 school days to go and then adieu Junior year!


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