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Love Story - Taylor Swift

Got this off youtube.
Love Story cover by The Right Coast -for those who prefer electric guitars and drums over plucked acoustic guitar.

I'm actually continuing my English story (finally some productive work!) but I'd have to set it aside for this week. Have to.
I got our final test for this school year next week (4 days left!) so I shall really burn the midnight candle.

Yesterday, we had lab subject so we worked with these organic compounds and observed their distinct and characteristic odors, colors, combustibility, etc. There was one which was very revolting -smells like rotten fish but definitely worse- METHYL AMINE (that's the name if I'm not mistaken).

I will be going to my brother's school with friends this afternoon for a Battle of the Bands + guest bands concert.
I shall blog about it later.


"Cause if you jump,
I will jump too.
We wil fall together."

Skyway Avenue - We The Kings


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