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Well hello everyone! :)

My earlier feeling of dying to blog has died down and as of this moment I don't have much of the enthusiasm I had earlier -and trust me, that affects my writing.

Speaking of writing, I am tasked to write a short story for my English subject and up to know, I have no plot yet. Great.
I have bits and pieces of the story but I have yet to sew them all together to see the outcome.

So how was my day?

I woke up around 15-30 minutes earlier than my wake-up times for the past days -I don't know how much sleep I'm depriving myself off but my body's definitely trying to catch up. I've been waking up past 6am for 2 days straight -today, I woke up around 5:30 maybe? That's an improvement. I seem to forget the last time I woke up at 5:15...

Of course I still had time to blow-dry my hair (most people think I got it done somewhere!) -that's my trick for straight hair. I dunno how I figured that out. It sort of started during a hot production-practice day wherein my friend and I were cooling ourselves with the classroom electric fans. I mentioned I dry my hair using that and we figured we have a similarity in that but she added that she flips her hair such that those nearest the nape of the neck is the 'target' hit on by electric fan -she says it dries hair faster and makes it look better. I tried it that Sunday and voila!, my hair became straight. Interesting
Ever since then, I make time to blow dry my hair -I am personally ashamed that I am becoming a slave of it. I'm becoming pretty vain and I need someone to poke a needle to my ballooning head before it gets worse..
That was prom night weekend, from what I remember.
Monday after that they thought I got a new haircut...I just got bangs (for prom) and I changed my hair parting from the right to the middle -as it should be. It's not straight, stick's..-let's just say it's better shan't we?

OH WELL. Enough about my hair and I -I told you I'm becoming obsessed about it- that's not the point.

So, where was I?
Oh wake-up routine.
The school service arrived late as usual and we had the 'kids' on board and we sadly didn't fit inside anymore and I was fated to carry the annoying-don't-know-if-you're-good-don't-know-if-you're-bad-preschooler on my lap.
So fast-forward to arriving at school, let's skip the high school assembly part and then zoom on to our Algebra test which welcomed III-2 students with open arms and a warm hug which the my classmates and I feared to embrace back. It took me a while to answer them because in any test where mathematics is involved, I do it slowly step-by-step. And thank God our teacher extended the time or else I wouldn't have noticed my carelessness though I still believe there are some that I missed. :| Good luck with that.

We watched a ballet production of Alice in Wonderland afterwards and I must say, I was pleased! The costume and the props most especially and of course the ballerinas themselves. You could just see the effort they put in it. I loved the costumes with black tulle and the queen's gold and white costume I must say, I wanted to covet and make it my own.

We had our History test after lunch and was not as easy-as-cake but not as hard as...what can I compare it too?
Fine, let's just say I breezed through it ...somehow. :p

That ends my blog post I guess. I must say goodbye now.

I send you my kiss!



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