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At a certain point, I'd always want to go back. To go back and relive the memories because I somehow believe that with that way, I have a hopeful, wistful idea that when I reach the end and have to part with everything, I'd be able to keep with me every memory, every detail. But with the reason that I cannot, I prevent myself from going back, from reliving, from reminiscing, from contemplating. I find myself never (I guess that's a little exaggeration) contemplating -fearing the emotions it might rouse within me in the process.
I detach myself already before I even get attached. Truly attached.
I only touch the surface, never what's beneath. (Again with the nevers.)

Maybe I'm a little in denial with 'I don't get attached' implication..

I've lost track of my thoughts.
I need a haircut.

Well, hullo! ;)
I watched Transformers earlier on HBO. I enjoyed it. :p I watched it on the big screen months ago and knowing me, I've almost forgotten what happened in the movie so it was nice to get to watch it again.

OH, OH, OH! I have a continuation for my story already! :) -Wait, have I mentioned that already? I ask for pardon for being repetitive. I have a habit of repeating what I've already said. My memory's failing me you know. Lol.

I plan to watch a movie again. :) This time online. Maybe Eagle Eye? I want my brother to watch it with me because I've already seen the movie and I just want to share its 'awesomeness' with him but he says he want a horror movie. What the hell? Can't he want what I want? HAHAHA. The thought of it, impossible.

OH. I came across this video while googling New Moon movie.
I'm sorry I can't give the direct link of the site. I lost it. :D
Enjoy! ;)

I shall continue typing my story..I've only stored it in my phone's Drafts folder -yet again.

The wall dividing my reality from my fantasy is getting a little too thin.

Frustration's eating me -and I hope it not all of me.
My brother and I are fighting over what movie to watch and I chose Eagle Eye because really, I want to share with them something I found beautiful -and then I get rejected. :| Phbbt. I want to persuade him into watching it but he's too masungit and it makes me fear to even try. ACK.

Frustration's it's sadness. I persuaded my brother to no success so I watched the movie itself -again- but I felt sad watching it alone so..I decided to stop. So here I am, trying to search other movies that both of us will watch.

Excuses off the tip of your tongue.
Great Romances of the 20th Century - Taking Back Sunday


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