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Every girl loves to shop.


Right now, I could feel the ache of a hungry stomach. Hahaha!
Gosh. It's been a while hasn't it? I haven't updated much and I shall now.

My last post is last December 8 and -woah- it's the 15th already!
See what I mean by inconsistency when I blog?

Last 6th of December, I had our on-the-job-training and it was superb -in terms of make-your-own-pizza-way. That's pretty much what we did. We weren't allowed to serve earlier and I believe that the reason was there was an auditor. We were allowed to do so later on, after lunch but then. there aren't much customers around that time are there? Hahaha. So we -my groupmates and I- decided to hit the mall soon after our certificates were given. We just window-shopped actually and nothing else. Went home in a while.

OH GOD. I got an 82 in my Chemistry. HAHA. And I thought I excelled in that subject. Lol. Actually, when we were checking our test papers, I tried to redo the problems and I got them right but looking at my paper, my answers were so far off. Really. I have no idea where I got them or my where my brain was when I was solving those problems. Hahaha. I'd make up for it. :)

It was pretty much unit tests week last week so I guess that's the reason why I wasn't able to blog for a week. Forgive me? :)

I'm almost done with our Investigatory Project -at least I think so. Hopefully, my groupmates and I will have a lighter burden throughout the school year as we have already finished it -almost.

GOSH. Prom is coming sooo near. I must panick. Prom date, not check. Prom dress, not check. Uh-oh. Hahaha!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH. I watched the grade 7's legacy concert which was way star-studded. What with almost the whole ASAP group performing, who would say it wasn't? Sandwich and Spongecola also played. Enjoyed 'em.
I must admit, Sarah Geronimo sang beyond well. She was truly great. Her voice was moving. She sang a song better than the original artist. Applause for her and more. You can evidently feel the emotions of the song she sang. It was moving.
For such a star-studded night, it was past frustrating to have a camera with you but had not batteries. It was the cherry on top. Lol. the present,'s vigil preparation time! :) Sing, sing, sing and sing! Oh, include sitting to. Hahaha! Earlier today, we had our orientation for the vigil then the preparation for the Handog Pasasalamat then, then, class Christmas party! Yay! My class mom has no gift for me yet. Hahaha! I'll be waiting. ;) Kidd. Any, the food lacked but the spirit was overflowing. :) It was a happy event. I enjoyed and had fun though after eating too many sweet foods, I felt like throwing up at the sight of chocolates, cookies, foods that had a high percentage of sugar in them. Hahaha! My throat doesn't feel good. Looks like I'm coming down with cough and colds. Ugh. During vigil. That would be uncomfortable. Oh well.


Tomorrow's our Handog Pasasalamat and the children from the school we taught in last 5th of December would be visiting us! We'd celebrate a christmas party with them. :)
I didn't mention that did I? That we taught in a public school last December 5? WE DID! To grade 3 students. We taught them about the environment and the issue of global warming and climate change. It was an experience. :) The students were really attentive. Our teachers said we'd be doing it again next year for 2 more times. Yay!

I shopped today with my busmate-villagemate, Bianca! :) I made the most out of my P410 money! Hahaha! Got 2 shirts for P199 and a pair of red shorts for P150! Great finds. So happy.
-Got an outfit for EK (Enchanted Kingdom) already! Can't wait for the 20th. ;) Hello Big Group. See you dearies.
Advanced 16th to Lotta Franz Angelica Aquino. ILY.

OH OH OH OH OH! I got a Lookbook account!!! *blush, blush* YAY FOR ME. :)
Thanks to the person who invited me.

WAIT. How could I almost forget about our Batch Encounter last Saturday which was almost canceled due to the poor number of people attending at first but who later on changed their minds due to the possibility of sections being reshuffled next school year if many wouldn't attend. Phew -that was long. Ehe. Any, I facilitated one of the centers and it was awesome though I do wish that I have been in one of the groupings who would get to try out all of the centers but oh well. I still enjoyed facilitating a center wherein I'd give a group 5 keys to open 144+ lockers! The highest numbers of lockers opened was 65! Imagine that? Hahaha! OH! The in-house bands performance was beyond awesome. A clap and more for you guys! Each and every batchmate of yours is a fan! Yay! Congratulations to them and the success of the Batch Encounter.
Thank you prepare-ers. Hahaha! Your efforts paid-off. ;)

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Blogger ayna said...

I got the same Chem score. The 2nd test (the EXTREMELY hard-ened one) is to blame. But I got all the Stoichs. ;))

Felt the same way about the Batch En. It was amazing, although I wish I had been part of a group. Really really wish. Ohwell. Congratulations to us, Ai. :>

9:59 PM, December 17, 2008  

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