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Ola! Hahaha.
Hmm..I feel like blogging though there's not much to tell. :)
I'm looking up Metro Station's Seventeen Forever music video but from what I've found it's still to come -soon. YAY!

It's the first of December! How time flies! :o
The start of another year is impending and I wish it to be greater year than this father's to lose his job -the company he works in got bankrupt or something- but I'm still hopeful. It's all about positive-thinking right? :) I'm optimistic. :)

When I think about it, when 2009 arrives and March comes to an end, summer will be waiting for me...and another school year. My last for high school that is. Goodbyes are on the loom.
But I shan't rush.
I still have the rest of Junior year to enjoy.
A prom's on the works AND I have no promdate, no prom dress..WHAT DO I DO? I shall panic and I do feel quite panicky..but I'll worry about that later. Hahaha!

Christmas is near! Christmas is near! I plan to get my loved ones..nothing. Hahaha! I'll be making them something more personal. That's way better right? :) I shall start now though..

Oops. Did I say that out loud?

Okay. Conversing with myself? -Not good. Lol.

I just want to keep on watching movies.
I'manna watch Hairspray on HBO in a while. Yay! I'll finally get to watch it. :)

I'm 14 forever, if I make you believe.


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