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Hello readers! -if there are any. :)

Anyway! I've got story to tell. Major. :) Hmm...during History period of today, our class adviser called me and classmate to come to her as well as 3 more people from another section to find out that we are chosen to join this Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar this 2009! It's so awesome. Only the Top 5 of the batch from different school are chosen and it is such an honor. I'm am so proud -but not to a point of showing-off. I just really want to share this good news to all of those who would be reading this. Lol.

OH! I am 'annoyed'. 90210's on TV right now and I year to watch itBUT I've missed the 2 episodes before that. To tell you the truth, I've only watched the pilot episode. I was thinking of just waiting for the DVD to come out. Lol. How I wish I could watch it, really but though I want to, it airs too late (in my opinion at least) and I prioritize my sleep.

Speaking of 90210, I love Silver's stlye. :) :) :) :) :)

Dang. I forgot what I was going to tell! Hahaha!
I'm hungry.

I'll update you more tomorrow.
ACH!!! I've got recollection this Friday to Saturday and I haven't started with my palancas!!! Uh-oh. :| Must start soon or else the content would not be very meaningful.

I REMEMBER WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY EARLIER. Twilight premiere (in our country is today). Tomorrow's the official "showing day". Can't wait for Saturday -that's when we *fingers crossed* hopefully would watch it.

Hmm..I can't wait for simbang gabis -they just make me feel how close Christmas is more and more. :) Can't wait.



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