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This is the nth time I started blogging again.
One moment, I'm posting entries nonstop then a moment after, I'd stop doing so. I dunno. There are just times when I want to write about the randomest things in the world then later on, I decide that blogging is boring or there's not much to blog about anymore -and thus I decide to delete my blog then create one again, then delete..
I shall start again.
I want to blog about...well, the ideas that come to my head -and as of the moment it's all about fashion, fashion, fashion.
Oh wait.

I think I meant style -maybe both.
I'd be posting my "looks" here -instead of my Multiply (a site which holds your pictures, music, blogposts etc..but mostly pictures). I don't want my Multiply to be my "style site". It would be more of a...hmm. "Casual picutres" site?

So here's a picture of my most recent look:

So there. I'm pretty much just "modeling" the things I recently bought (just this weekend) because as of this moment, I have no events to wear them to -at least none yet. :)

I'm looking forward to our school fair which will be held this Friday and Saturday. I'm pretty excited. We'll be preparing starting tomorrow but I began early (starting yesterday afternoon -stayed behind after dismissal- and today) because the fair committee I'm in needs to work earlier than the rest so I was pulled out of class for the whole day -we're half-day today by the way. Tomorrow's the "official day" for preparation -not just the committees will work but also the fair booths. Only selected people will be allowed out of class though- those who will help prepare and all.

I pretty have "busy" schedule and very costly one too.
This week I have our school fair to go to -which of course requires money if you want to enjoy it and I DO. Week after, we'd be having our recollection which is somewhat pricey compared to our past recollections since this one's overnight unlike before. The week after that recollection, I'd be having my OJT (on-the-job-training) at Don Henricos with my groupmates -that requires payment too- then after that OJT our batch will be having its BATCH ENCOUNTER -payment again. Yay batch encounter!! I'm looking forward to it. It's our first ever -usually it's just a class encounter. :)

I'm working on my OWN blog layout but I'm not yet done so I'd use one of the options blogger offers. :) Hope to finish it soon so I can finally "personalize" my blog.



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