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OH I DIIID. Hahaha. Kidding. :)
I wore brights yesterday to the second day of our fair -still muddy. :p Muddier than ever actually which is weird considering it didn't rain that much yesterday compared to Friday. :p
OOOH. I got a compliment. *blush, blush*

I was planning to go late to school yesterday -around 4-5pm- but I ended up going at 6:30 past! Whew. HAHAHA. My sister prepared for a debut -the reason why. It's all good though because I was aiming for an arrival time that is the same as the Variety Show's start.

I missed Nevertheless!!! IMAGINE THAT?? I felt so bad about it. UGH. :( :( :( It's just so sad. UGH.
I watched Imago up close though. Very close. For real. It was awesome watching Aia (sp?) perform on stage, rocking it out and all that. It made me want to do the same -to go sing my heart out on stage and perform with no holding back. THAT WOULD FEEL SO GOOD. I also watched Pedicab but I didn't enjoy it much. I still liked it though! Especially their glowing "light sticks". Hahaha! I'm still pretty regretful about missing Nevertheless. Hahaha. I really like their music!
Speaking of Nevertheless. I told Fami (the drummer's sister who is my batchmate) that I was frustrated that I wasn't able to watch them play -then she introduced me to her brother and another band member (they're only three in the band) as "your number one fan". HAHAHAHA. It was embarrassing but I just made a joke out of it and made fun of the comment. Lol.

ANYWAY..I can't think of others thing to rant about -at the moment so why not fill you with my outfit photos?? YAY. Lol. :p

Our variety show was entitled Neo -with a neon theme, yes. SO I took it seriously and wore brights! Bright brights!

THEN...I had this bag on..(I'm not very sure though if it suits the look. :p)

AND OH..I loved (well not love, just like) my brother's outfit. It's pretty much brights too. :p

We took the world with brights! ...

Really...forgive the quality of the photos. I don't know why they turned out that way. :| Oh well.
OOH, OOH. Since I'm part of the fair core group, I got my fair core shirt!! It's really nice. It's so worth the amount of money I paid. :p *sigh*

It's so unfortunate that my camera has only enough battery power to last me around 10+ photos -of my outfit. Tss. It's almost empty to the point that it says "change the batteries". It's so lame to have no photos of our muddy fair. NEXT SCHOOL YEAR I WILL MAKE SURE TO HAVE BATTERIES THAT WILL LAST ME FOREVER. Hahaha! Rechargeable batteries, I need you! I'm talking my parents to buying one already and I think that they do listen. It's just doesn't sink in. Hahaha!

Today is homework day and palanca-(letters for recollection)-making day. :( Time to catch up with missed school works due to fair preparation. I pray that I will not be stressed. Lol.

School again tomorrow.

OOH. I can smell our lunch meal -it's calling my name. Mm-mmm. :) :) :)

Anyway..not much to tell anymore. :p
'Till my next post.

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