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Tomorrow's the day! -And I've got a zit on my left cheek. HAHAHA. I seriously do! Of all days! But it's okay. I would not mind it. After all, if I carry myself with insecurity, I'm pretty sure it shows. So why not walk like my zit doesn't exist? Uhuh! That's the spirit. HAHAHA.

OH! I forgot to tell you that the first outfit I posted yesterday is REVERSIBLE! Isn't that such a good buy?? It's like a 2-in-1 shirt/dress! Awesome! Here's the inside-out look:

Today was exhausting but worth it and fun. We prepared for our fair booth which is named Hydrocontrol Barracks -I'll explain later- and I thought it would be easy and take only half the day! But I was wrong!!! It took us the whole day! :| We were 11 working on every thing that's needed for the booth and we were all preoccupied with something to do -no lazy people around please.

OH. Earlier today, when I was waiting for my school bus, I checked out lookbook to find that they've interviewed Hannah S.!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME. I adore her looks. TO-TA-LLY. I have "her page" bookmarked! Hahaha! I just adore her and I love it when she said in one of the questions in her interview "Thus my personal style is inexpensive but creative." -I can so relate. I'm very thrifty...frugal when it comes to clothes. I don't mind the quality that much really though I still do care of course. It's more of that I try to see that if I buy cheap pieces, it doesn't look cheap. Actually, I feel sympathy for those who spend too much in pieces that they'd only be using once or twice. It's such a waste of money. I also agree with Hannah S. when she said she prefer to shop out of malls -or something like that- because truly, that's where you can buy unique articles of clothing!

My lookbook favorites:
Hannah S.
Erika A.
Adeline R.
Scruffie B.
Mega B.

They're styles are just lovely. Hands down.

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