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The Summer Sends Its Love.


Though summer is long over for me, I still enjoy listening to that song by Sherwood Schwartz (if I'm not mistaken). :)

Hmm...fair was yesterday and it RAINED. It poured, it poured, it poured. It wasn't raining hard but it rained continuously that the fair ground was a mudslide. HAHAHA. Grass wasn't even visible to the eyes anymore -they're not even close to a shade of green. It was pretty much mud, mud..and more mud. OH and some sediments to. HAHAHA.
Well, I guess you could just use your imagination on how all of our feet looked like -together with the shoes. AND. This is the first year when slippers were allowed! Too bad for those who wore a pair. Lol. :p

I just "hid" pretty much, during the fair -that is, hid from the catchers. Hahaha! I'm such a paranoid when it comes to those people. WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE CATCHING BOOTHS? Damn them. HAHAHA. KIDDING 'k? Lol. Hmm....I dunno. It's such a waste of money because you'll be forced to pay either way -if you choose to bail or play. Tss. Hahaha. AND it was hard to run away from them during the fair was muddy remember? That means slippery, dangerous, accident prone....the list goes on for a klutz like me.

OH did I mention I didn't even ride a ride??? HAHAHA. I'm a major loser. Kidding. Well..the rides didn't look that fun anyway....or maybe I'm just trying to make myself better for not even trying to fin out if it is or isn't. Lol.

My feet hurt the whole time -maybe because of the shoes I was wearing.

Battle of the Bands.
The band I opted for won!!! Congrats Nevertheless!!! I'd be looking forward to watching you during the Variety Show!!! -which is today. Lol. Later afternoon, near evening. :p Can't wait.
ALSO. Congrats to in-house bands -who are from our batch- Damsel Saves The Hero and Grounded. You guys were great! I'm so proud of you. Hands down. KISS, KISS, AND A MILLION KISSES MORE. Add hugs to that. *wink, wink*

I'd be going to our fair's second day -today. AND IT'S STILL DRIZZLING. Great. I was thinking of arriving just before the Variety Show. It will start at around 5pm, I think -but of course they'd start later than that. Lol. NEVERTHELESS is playing. Hahaha! I love them -instruments and vocals altogether. Awesome.

The day before the fair was, of course, PREPARATION DAY. And my working clothes were supposedly this:

But then I decided to just wear that outfit for our vigil so I just changed into a baggy blue dry-fit shirt with a fit striped tank top underneath peeking on my waistline. Hahaha. :p Didn't capture a picture of it. WOOPS. And oh! I changed into low-cut lime-colored chucks. :)

Counting down the days to Christmas, love.


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