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It's Such A Cold December


Farewell Nobyembre, welcome Disyembre!

It's the 30th of November today and tomorrow will be the 1st of December.
How quickly time passes by.
To me, it seems like it was just the first day of school yesterday but it's almost finished. Just a quarter and a half to go and I'm off to celebrate summer! Wow.

I just had the most effective and successful recollection yet last November 28-29. It was meaningful and touching. The speakers, the facilitatior, the brothers and the priest were all very efficient and 'into it' and were really able to bring "the message" across. I'm very thankful to them and I couldn't help but express my gratitude only through prayer since I find hugging them a little bit awkward...too close for comfort, you could say.
OH. The food was superb! I enjoyed them all. Actually, when I arrived at home, I was quite displeased with the viand. HAHAHA. Forgive me for that. :)

My current lullaby? You Are The Moon by The Hush Sound
The piano is just so melodious.

Speaking of pianos and melodies, I watch Twilight yesterday (29th) after our recollection. -Of course, I arrived home first, slept for a few hours, ate lunch, washed the dishes then got ready. We arrived at Eastwood at around 3 o'clock pm to find very long lines awaiting us -like people lining up to buy lotto tickets. We (my sister and I) reserved 2 seats for the 6pm show since the earlier shows were full. We got pretty good seats which were, as we would like to believe, meant for us. Hahaha!

I like the feeling of knowing that Christmas is near. The holiday spirit is just in the air..
continuing what I was saying, Christmas songs are being played in boutiques and the like and it's just lovely. :)

Anyway, today is do homeworks day -though I have tomorrow too, I want to finish everything now so tomorrow will be mine! *evil laugh*

OH GOSH. I can't answer a single thing in our paper. :| WHAT TO DO?? :o
It frustrates me. I don't want to submit a mediocre work. It seems like I'm slacking off this 3rd quarter and I can't be that way. AAAH.



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