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The Road Less Taken.


It was a typical school day with the typical morning talk starting our day.
It's a Wednesday which meant that it was the students' cue to do the lead.
It was section 3's turn and the morning talk went on as it usually does.
Liturgy of the Hours (LOH)
Opening Song
Bible Reading
that's when something different happened.
The students of section 3 decided to show the whole batch a clip which I am now embedding on my site due to the reason that it moved me.
I found the video as something that was beautifully and creatively made and I hope you'll take the time to watch it too.
It's definitely worth it.

After the reflection, the rest of what we usually do was followed.

My first reason for having the phrase/sentence as my title is actually not what I mentioned above. It's more of concerning internal battle. I decided that I will take the road less taken -which is as not convenient as I hope it to be. I know I could choose an easier path, wherein I'm free of burden and load BUT I opt for the "road less taken" wherein there might be suffering and the like because, in the end, I know that what awaits me will be worth it.

I have a Chem UT1 to study for. And a Geom and Histo quiz..
Study now?
Not yet.
In a while perhaps..


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