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"There is something,
I see in you,
It might kill me,
I want it to be true."

An e-mail to my friends-who-migrated namely Nichola, Sasheen and Nathania:

Okay, I started a new mail to all three of you guys because I feel the need to update you three.

Anyway, what's been up guys?
On this side of the world, not much. Hahaha.

Our investigatory project's results and discussions were due last week and we haven't even done an experiment -but we're excused.
At least I think we are.

So we had our recollection the previous Friday up to the day after. It was pretty effective I guess and meaningful.
Bravo to the speakers-slash-brothers-slash-priests. Lol.

OH. Since I went home early the day after (a Saturday) we (my sister and I plus supposedly, my barkada but we have different time slots) watched Twilight The line was sooo long.
I admit they could have done better with the movie but hey, I appreciate everything around me so was pretty pleased with the movie -if only Robert Pattinson didn't look like his eyes were about to bulge out any minute. HAHAHA! Kidding. -I'm sorry if that offended anyone.
I like Jasper -though he didn't look that 'pleasant' in the movie, looking so stiff and all -he's still pretty attractive. Lol.
I'd say that my favorite scene is the baseball scene. I love the music in that part too! Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. Love it.
I like how Alixe was graceful and all when she pitched. That stretching of her legs and the pointing of her foot/toes/blah was fantastic. So like ballet.
Only though...the rest of the cast really had extremely few lines -except for Bella of course. Hahaha. I wish they spoke more.

Can you pray for me? That I won't SLACK-OFF this 3rd quarter -and for the rest of my high school year? I just really fear I would then my grades would slip down and my rank will go down a notch..

OH. Can I boast? Pretty please?
Okay, here's the thing. Every school year, the school gets the Top 5 of the Juniors batch to apply/join the Ateneo Juniors Summer Seminar and guess what??

I am extremely grateful. Truly. And I believe, I wouldn't have done it without God's help! It is through Him that I got by -I always asked for strength and patience. I believe that if it weren't for my prayers, I wouldn't have gone this far. Thank the Lord too? It's a dream come true. Really. I wished for this when the school year was just about to start and I hope that I'dbe able to go all the way until graduation..

I feel full.

HAHAHA. That was something random.

This week, I'd be having my OJT (on-the-job-training --if I'm not mistaken) at Don Henricos.


I feel the holiday spirit already! 2nd of December here today. I know. It's December already! It seem just like yesterday when 2008 started and now, another year's about to arrive. Just, wow.

Happy Holidays! Hahaha.

Wish you three are here..
..or I am wherever you three are.


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