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I Couldn't Help It If He Made My Heart Skip A Beat.


Gabe Nevins, I heart you. HAHAHA. Kidding.
Just thinking of how he's changed from the 'kid' from Paranoid Park to that 'guy' in Teen Vogue's spread for their Dec08/Jan09 issue makes me blush. HAHAHA.

Sneak peak?

Am I swooning? Oh no. HAHAHA. :)

Wait. I browsed through Paranoid Park pictures earlier. There's not much that changed really. He just got 'manlier'. Lol. :)

I wanted to watch Paranoid Park way before I even found out that the lead actor is attractive. Lol. I read a synopsis/review of it in a Nylon magazine a few months before but of course I knew they wouldn't show it in our country nor have a VCD/DVD of it. I guess my last resort is the internet.
Help anyone?


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