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Three Cheers for Christmas! ;)


Happy holidays everyone! :)

I know that's not a very holiday-y picture I posted up there but how I'm feeling right now is far from what that picture seems to imply. I'm pretty jovial tonight. ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! ;) *happy hug*

Oh I am hungry -but I just ate.
Goodness knows what's wrong with my stomach and its metabolism.
Kidding. ;)

I hope the spirit of the event is felt even in the least of leasts and the most of mosts.
Did that even makes sense? HAHAHA. I don't think so.

My head hurts quite right now and I couldn't think straight. :| Great. When I have so much to blog about this "illness" attacks. Lol.

I shall try my best to be coherent in this post. :)

Earlier today, we watched JUNO whose OST I've been wanting before I even got to watch it. Hahaha! My siblings and I watched it on my sister's laptop as to our VCD player is not available for use and the DVD doesn't have an AVR to plug itself in -so laptop it is! It was fun -bonding time! ;) Hahaha. We watched in the comforts of our bedroom with the aircon on and the lights out -trying to mimic the movie experience perhaps? All that lacks is popcorn!

Speaking of movies, I want to watch City Of Ember and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist!
I really can't wait for the latter -it will be on the big screen here in January! January -when it has been shown in other countries last October! :|

OH GUESS WHAT? They're making a local TV series version of Twilight here in the Philippines. Its entitled Takipsilim -which is the tagalog word for Twilight I believe. I dunno though if it's just a rumor...I guess we'll see. ;)

I painted my nails today! It was rushed it -we're going to mass- and I'm still so proud because it's my first time to paint my nails -whether it be toe ones or finger ones. I know that sounds pretty lame for a 16-year-old like me but yes, I don't know how to put on nail polish. HAHAHA.

For mass, I dressed in and out of 3 clothings. The looks I came up with?

I ended up wearing the latter -so simple.
The second one's for Halloween, -HAHAHA- a little inside joke. ;)
I'm happy that I got that chance to pray intently in the chapel at Christ the King -we were late for the mass itself. :( But really, I pray best when its silent. I didn't get to finish though, the rest of my family left immediately so I followed suit..

I saw Iya Parungao before going home!

OH OH OH! My most recent playlist with not-very-recent songs is almost done! -Just 9 more songs to go and it'll have a hundred! I have 3 playlists so far and this one's the third:

Links to my two other playlists: 1 and 2

More Christmas pictures for you!


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