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Oh Gosh, The Green-Eyed Monster Just Erupted From Within Me


I can't help being jealous...SHE'S so good, perfect! Talented, pretty, rich...
And she's got a lookbook too. ;) ---and a lot more sites whose links you can find in her pages. ;)

Well, to get it over and done with, HAPPY NEW YEAR everbody! :)
Gosh, how quickly 2008 passed. :o
It was definitely a fast-paced year from how I see it. :)
Anyway, it rained here for the New Year. Imagine that? But that didn't stop the people from lighting up fireworks! ;) I didn't though. We haven't bought fireworks for years! So my siblings and I, including our friends, enjoyed the New Year watching fireworks in the sky -from different angles.
Movie marathon till dawn! :)) Pirated DVDs. OOPS. Please don't arrest me? ;;)
Wild Child (didn't finish it), The Hottie and the Nottie (sp?) and Twilight.

I shall cut back on unhealthy food and exercise! I can feel my heart's weak.
Got to do some runnin'! ;) :>

Let me light up the sky, light it up for you.
Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard


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