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I Wanna - The All-American Rejects

"You would die for them?"
"No. Not for them. For you. For you."

Could anything get any cheesier than that? As of the moment, I can't think of any.
-And I'm a sucker for anything cheesy -hopeless romantic me. Lol.

Just watched X-men The Last Stand after what? 2 years since it has been shown in the theaters? Yes. You got that right. Hahaha! I've been wanting to watch it actually. I love X-men movies, mind you. I do.
If I were asked to do a movie review, I just can't. I simply cannot. The aftermath of movies on me is almost all the time, wonderful -even with Twilight. (Ha-ha, just kidding.) I mean, I cannot go into detail what caused that wonderful feeling. I just end up always being pleased. I can't do these.

I've also watched Prom Night (yesterday) and Shrek 3 (earlier today). Movie buff? I don't think so. Just bored I guess.
I wasn't expecting to hear 9 Crimes in Shrek's OST. Hahaha! :) Nice one I guess. ;)
Darn, I still can't get my brother to watch Eagle Eye with me. Hmph.
I was listening to the radio earlier and browsing through my Nylon magazines, here are some bands to listen to (just in case you don't know them yet):
When you go all I know is
You're my favorite mistake.
My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow


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