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"My desire to be an observer of life was actually keeping me from having one."
Annie Braddock, The Nanny Diaries

Well, hullo, 3rd of January!
Gosh, 2 more days and 2 more nights and I'd be boarding the school service again to go to school.
School. Geez, where do I even start with that??

Watched 3 movies on DVD yesterday (pirated. PLEASE DON'T ARREST ME)! Eagle Eye (which unfortunately, I haven't persuaded others too watch -but my sister and father watched with me), 10,000 BC (whose story I didn't full understand..) and The Nanny Diaries (which all of us enjoyed!).

I had a dream today -about a school test in CLE and I couldn't answer the test at all and I was under time pressure...gosh, good thing it was just a dream! I don't want to go into the details. Lol.

I just have to post this:

Womanizer- The All-American Rejects (Cover)



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