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"And all at once the crowd begins to sing..
sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same"


All At Once - The Fray

What right do I have to pick on others' faults when I commit the same faults myself?
Won't I be such a hypocrite in doing such?

What do you do when the right thing is battling its way to publicity?
Do you fight it back and try to prevent it from surfacing..or do you let it be?

What if doing what you ought to do entails corrupting your relationships?
Will you allow it? Or would you rather save yourself from losing loved ones?

Nothing feels so satisfying than doing what is right.

Last Friday, I went to a legacy concert! Yay!
Parokya ni Edgar was fun! And so were ALL STARS!!!
I was starstruck man. I was in awe. They were definitely jaw-dropping.
Kudos to them and all the Yr.IV students! ;)


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