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Hello, hello! Lol.

Today is stressful -nice way to greet you guys huh?
Well it is but I'm passing through it with flying colors -colors that are a bit dull and fading. Hahaha!
Hmm...let's see. I haven't been very productive this weekend. It's been pretty much about our Peace Advocacy alone which, I am glad to say, is almost finished. Now, I have a public school teacher + reflection to do, my English story, my Health collage, my OJT reflection (count this one out I've done that but the project itself is still on the works) aaand.....I dunno what else. All of those I've enumerated were given weeks ago but since I'm a procrastinator and a crammer, they're still not done up to now.

We were given a Geometry take-home quiz, a Chemistry activity sheet and Algebra homework today. All of which I did during lunch time. Much to my surprise, I finshed all of it in 45-50 minutes -the whole of lunch period- and I wasn't able to eat. Lol. I was actually shocked to see the minute hand pointing to 1 and the hour hand too. 1:05 was the time I finshed and well...lunch ended at the same time and the bell dramatically rang. I've promised, I'll be posting our peace advocacy project making pictures so feed on these:

I'll end my post with a song which served as my inspiration for my English story:

And late night calls
are only daylight souvenirs.

The Summer Sends Its Love - Sherwood


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