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I Wanna - The All-American Rejects

Ni hao! :)

First things first, I cannot believe I did not KNOW The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus had a mall tour here! I seriously cannot believe that the news of them holding/giving "mini" concerts in Ayala malls did not reach me. How frustrating. I like that band!


Not more than I like Secondhand Serenade!!
He's (it's a one-man-band right?) going to have mall tours 'round here in Ayala malls.
Find out for yourself.

I shall invite my emo buddies! Hahaha! ;) I know that his songs are more or less 'emo' and I could just picture him singing to the crowd, the atmosphere melancholic, but I am absolutely enjoying every second. *sigh*

The Pamulatan had a production earlier (see above picture for ticket) and I must say it was great if only it wasn't for the racketing audience -I included from time to time (sorry!). It's entitled God of this City -based on Chris Tomlin, I think. It was directed, written by one of the 4th years and she's extremely talented: sings well, speaks well, acts well...triple threat? :)) INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Haha! Kidding.

Todaaay, is also interview-the-next-set-of-comheads-day! I didn't proceed with my application -I had doubts about so the Logistics Committee's official head is...-drumroll please!- Ara Villena. I'd want to be part of the preparation for the school fair too but I must admit, my interest for the 'position' is not as great as how much I want to be the Yearbook head next year as well as a class officer. ..Maybe I'd go for a legacy head too? HAHA. I should remain realisitic thought and create tangible goals. Lol.

I want to work on my blog layout now and make it my own.
-Because I'm selfish like that.

I caught myself.


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