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If You Could Only Know Me Like Your Prayers At Night


The Day You Said Goodnight - Hale

The thing that struck me the most today was during our Computer period.
We have 4 columns in the classroom lined-up with chairs and the self-explanatory name of the subject. There's a big aisle in the middle that separates the 4 columns into two and usually, the teacher would be infront, near the projector, to address the whole class. I'm seated at the back so I know how the volume of her voice is not so loud when you're placed there. Imagine to my surprise when her every word she said today was very audible to my ears -only to find that she's using a mic whose speakers are placed at the corners of the classroom (the two corners upfront only). The good thing about that it's not really obvious that she's using a mic or something. It just sounds so smooth and clear, like an ominous being talking to you. Lol. It's very interesing and hi-tech. *wink*

Today, I've got my English story peer-edited (thank you Ara and Ayna!). The story's inspired by a song as I've mentioned from my previous post (I think). Ayna was so considerate she made me a playlist for the story (click on the picture above). I haven't finsihed my story yet but I do hope to! I will be submitting an excerpt of it for my written composition in English.
I'm currently making a playlist of the songs above plus some more. I'm also listening to The Weepies on MySpace. I'm liking them so far; adorable and cute!

I've written a song for my story -for the ending part (spoiler!).
It's not so original though -specifically the first line.
I was humming it next to HSM3's Can I Have This Dance.
Imagine that?

No plagiarizing.
It sounds like Kimya Dawson/the soundtrack of Juno.

I'll send you a postcard to remind you
Of how I've been feeling so blue
I'd write you a love song, a lullaby
Make you remember you told me goodbye
I hear our song on the radio
It's making me cry, oh no

But I won't dream about you
But I won't think about you
But I won't speak about you
Until I forget you too

This is my way of letting go
I'd exhale our memories out
And though there're pieces left to sow
I'd heal this heartache no doubt

I'll give you a picture of the two of us
Remind you of how they'd made a fuss
I'd return the flowers you gave me
They dried up like the tears you didn't see
I recall our best and worst memories
They sting me like sweet honeybees

Maybe I'd still dream about you
Maybe I'd still think about you
Maybe I'd still speak about you
But it won't hurt no more


"You don't know how lovely you are."
The Scientist - Coldplay


Blogger ayna said...

My love. Sing it to me naaa ;;)

Oooh my emo summer playlist is here :))
I know The Weepies song na. Somebody Loved. :)

2:32 AM, March 14, 2009  

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