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Fuck you.
You just did partner.


Keith: I screwed you. I screwed you big time.
Natalie: So you screwed me. So what? Me? I made love to you.

Best movie line ever. Hahaha! Kidding. It's pretty romantic if you get to watch the scene..

Spiked Heels - Tree Adams
(The movie's theme song which kept playing throughout the movie -there were other OSTs of course- but I never got tired of it. It's beautiful -like a lullaby.)

Just watched Keith and I must say it's very romantic -in a drama-ish way..
As I've said, I'm no good at explaining feelings nor at summarizing plot but what I can say is the story plot is very original (somewhat) and the movie moves slowly -no rush- but is not boring.

I wish I could use lavish words to persuade you into watching but what keeps coming out of my mouth is that 'you should watch it', 'you should watch it'.

Darn! I wish I am a little better at explaining how things make me feel but unfortunately, I'm not gifted with that gift -unlike some people I know. Oh well. I shall try next time.

I must say I'd fall in love with Keith too -his character not Jesse McCartney.

For more quotable quotes from the movie, CLICK.

P.S. The soundtrack is awesome. ;)


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