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Another season ender folks!
I've killed the last 3 episodes of the 10-episode third season of Skins.
Goodbye for the meantime then, Skins gang (another gang that is -we can't just forget the 'original' one can we?)
Season 4, don't take too long, yeah? [It takes them 6 months to finish a season -which is around 9-10 eps]
The last episode's really good though it focused more on the Effy-Cook-Freddie-include-JJ-if-you-want-to love triangle.
Actually, almost the whole season revolved around that -but you don't get sick of it because the other plot snippets of the rest of the characters are interesting and entertaining at the same time.
[Geez, their bloody British accent is ringing in my ears.]

If you intend to compare the new cast and the new season with the past ones, I think you shouldn't. :p They're completely different and you just learn to love both. :p

So yes, it is past 5 am in the early morning and would it have been a school day, I shall be getting off the bed and be starting my pre-school rituals but see, it's summer and when the time of the year is such, the tables are turned and 5 am becomes my go-to-bed time..
I shall really doze off now though -but of course, still manage to squeeze a few day(?)dreams in between.


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