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Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile


Wild World - Cat Stevens

Taken from my phone, Drafts folder, 2:26 AM of today, just before I went to sleep:

You're like my perfect brand of heroin.
(Oh god, I did not just quote a Twilight line. -Oh wait, I just did.)

I am HOOKED! Like I-can't-get-enough-of-you-I-need-to-feed-on-you-on-a-daily-basis hooked! (Like drugs, basically.)
[Then again, that's just me exaggerating.]

I've been watching a British TV series, Skins, and I'm enjoying it so far though I am still caught off-guard by those cheeky butts (and then some) popping here and there.
I must say it's a little too liberated for our culture here but hey, the youth are getting more and more open minded these days (I believe that's the effect of globalization and media put together.)
Anyway, as I've said, I'm extremely liking it so far and it's a sucker that we're postponing to watching it to later -because my sister says she's sleepy. (Well, it is 2 am in the morning. Lol.)
Can't wait to finish Season 1 later (it is the day after already anyway -and, yes folks, we're just in season 1 for the meantime).

So the 'later' is obviously now already.
Finished watching Season 1 and starting the second one already. ;)
Break time for the meanwhile...-got to eat dinner you know. :p

2:14 PM

I've been watching My Girl for three consecutive days now and obviously, I'm getting attached (I'm not one for attachments). I haven't watched its pilot episode nor any of the previous ones except for the three I have watched for three days now.
I can tell it's nearing the end though. I'm trying to work out my sources and resources -see if I can borrow a DVD of the series or something *fingers crossed*.

Off to watch the rest of the Skins episodes!

But if you wanna leave, take good care
Wild World - Cat Stevens


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