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Oh! Gravity why can't we seem to keep it together?


Oh! Gravity - Switchfoot


Since I cannot embed the video from YouTube, might as well feed you with that. [Lol]
It is the most romantic first kiss I've ever witnessed (so far).


My siblings and I are down to three more episodes of Skins latest season (third one). Hopefully, we'll finish it by tonight. My sister's away for the moment, having a garage sale somewhere in the hills of Antipolo. Lol. ;)

Skins' OST is lovely too ever since season 2. [Geez, did I just rhyme that?]
*Scroll down the page and pause the other playlist (in a previous post) -it automatically plays too and might interfere if you're to listen to this. :)

*For Kelly Brown by The Earlies, I cannot find a better 'copy' so be patient listening to what the foreign guy is saying (I don't understand it either) and wait for the latter part to load to hear the song.
*The last song, I Am A Full Grown Man by Phosphorescent is a song in season 3 -not part of the released Skins OST. I just added it there.

*I like It's All Over by Broken Family Band ;)

*I don't have the following on the playlist by the way but they're all included in the OST:
-Ah Uh Mi Hed by Shuggie Otis
-Skins Theme Tune – Julian Ronnie (I got the one by Fat Segal :p)

*I added a Cat Stevens version of Wild World next to Sid's Wild World (I dunno who sang that one -if it's really 'him' or what..)

I am actually quite amazed that the rest of the OST are available. I thought the bands would be so foreign or indie no music file of their songs will be scattered in the 'net. :p Sorry if I underestimated them then.

I believe though that those songs are for the first 2 seasons.
Waiting for the 3rd season's then. :p

Last night, Oasis is on Video Scope in Star World. Loved it! :)
I liked this best:

"I always turn the car around."
Shattered - O.A.R.


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