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You Can't Play On Broken Strings


Meeelt. :">

Fished that off, particularaly THIS POST.
You can read the interview there. ;)
Better yet, browse through the magazine. ;)

Summer has still been pretty dull for me.
There aren't much to exciting to do that doesn't entail money nowadays.
I want to go out, have fun..but then, I can't afford that at the moment. ;)
And...I'm not exactly good at 'planning events'.

Lunch hasn't arrived yet -and it's 1pm already (my siblings are still asleep :o).
My parent's are out and they said they're going to be late -and that means so will lunch be. Lol.

I slept at 5am again. HA!
Watched Beowulf on HBO -ugly swamp monster (Grendel).

I shall try to see if I can watch Walled In and The Night Listener online.


I love you in the morning.
Sunday - Bloc Party


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