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No Title For This One But This

5.08.2009 pictures!!
*Pictures are NOT mine.
It's extremely addicting to view all those photos!! I had to force myself to stop or else I might end up saving all the pictures I like -which are a lot.
Got to know when to stop you know?
The captions under the pictures are what caught my attention with regards to the photo above it.

*Her hair piece beautiful. What else can I say?
...and her sunnies too,
......and her red lips,
.........and her bangs. :>

*The tank and shorts of the girl in the right, the shades, the hat, the dress of the girl in the left.
P.S. I dunno why I'm not a fan of slippers/flip-flops. It makes me wonder why...

*Got to have my boys right? I like that they're all wearing shades. I love each pair each one of them is wearing and the outfit of the guy in the middle, the shirt of the guy in the left and his shoes as well. Include the clear lens glasses he has dangling on the neck of his shirt. As for the Asian (I think) guy in the right, his hair is amazing. :>

*The dress' colors are too lovely! It's certainly eye-catching and it matches the shoes.
I wish I could see her bag more. :)

*I love what all of them is wearing. Even that girl with the bright blue sunnies. :)
I love how it's 'trashy' and holey. :> And the tie-dyed dress (?) of the girl in the far left side.
For the two other girls, who doesn't light weight tank tops? They seem effortless!

*I-love-her-boots-! I like the dress' fabric and print. Her hat and hair suits her outfit -and the outfit suits her right back. And of course, I'm a die hard fan of sling bags!

*The dress' print!!
...The guy's top. :>
Still no to slippers. :p

*They're too cute! Lol. Their muscle shirts are all too lovely. Same goes for the shoes of the guy on the right and the shorts of the guy in the middle. :>

*Well, Batman tank is too cute and so is his ripped shorts. Effortless.
Ooh, I like that sailor cap too!

*First, her dress and how it's belted. Next, her frayed vest.
Oh, those heart shaped sunnies are cute too.

*He reminds me of Freddie from Skins, first of all. And then, his outfit is adorable. (Love tank tops!). His pair of aviators (?) is nice.

*I first imagined this would look cuter in a younger guy (no offense to the man above if you happen to be old already). I love the outfit! The graphic shirt is so cute and tuck them in those shorts and it becomes so adorable!

*I love lose items. :) I like the print of the dress and how flowy it is, and I like the bagginess of the sweater.

*The print of the dress is beautiful and its 'flare' at the bottom half too. Its fabric is lovely too.

*A graphic colorful romper = love.
Her look adds too. ;)

*Notice the girl on the right. I love her dress and its length plus the white pointy shoes with heels.

*I am a fan of cuffed jeans, canvas sneakers and peeking ankle socks! I find them too lovely!
[I am really awaiting the day I will get to buy a collection of Keds canvas sneakers! <3]

*Her beauty with that outfit is a perfect match! The dress is too beautiful to behold. The print, oh-my!! And the yellow tights of course, is striking.

*It's an LBD, that pretty much does the explanation. However, I love the cut of this dress though it is revealing. I think the fabric is nice too. Ooh, lovely dress, I want you!

*She's got cool tights on thought they seem like dirt or bruises from afar (no offense). Her sheer top has a nice print (if you look closer) and I am also a fan of the tuck in your blouse in your skirt and tie a belt to hold it together look. Lol. Nice shoes too and of course, the sling bag. :p

*The guy's outfit is what you should mind. It's the one which caught my attention.
Nice jeans and shoes. I also like how it's just above the ankle.

*The print at the bottom of the dress is beautiful and I want dark gray tights for myself.

*Oh, gray tight again! [It's making me envious.] What caught my attention though, is the dress of course! Lovely color, cut and fit and length. :) Now I notice her cropped red (?) or is the brown leather jacket? Whichever, I love her cropped jacket.

*I must have my stripes! I love stripes on outfits. I find it striking. :) The girls' tights are awesome too.

*COLE MOHR -caught my attention.

*First, the shorts. Second, the vest. Third, the striped shirt. Lol.

*Mind the guy again -though he's standing next to a British(?) it-girl. He looks like a rockstar. :p
I like his outfit. I forgot what the wash of the jeans he's wearing is, but I like it plus the denim vest and the shirt underneath. Add the shoes and jacket he's holding to those too.

*Her striped dress is lovely. And her leather chucks too though I don't prefer them paired together. :p

*Her bag and socks are what caught my attention. Lovely bag.

*She's too cute. :p I like her pink graphic shirt underneath and her denim vest. Her red sunnies and her blonde hair adds too. ;)

*Oh, I like her shorts too! -Told you her pink shirt is adorable. :p

*Her printed maxi dress is beautiful and she looks gorgeous too. ;)

*Yellow Doc Martens!!!
...ripped shorts.

*Her outfit goes well with the bike -and I don't mean that in a bad way! Her hat is cute. I like her vest and her shoes is love. I like her leggings and the shirt dress as well.

*Yellow cardigan and the almost all white outfit looks 'fresh'.

*I like her top's cut and fit. :) I should get black tights of my own. :|
Her hair pieces is alluring too. ;)

*I don't like her shoes much but I love the rest of her outfit. No fuss. Gray top, black leggings and a different colored jacket to add color. Beautiful!

*His tucked in newspaper-printed tank in that color caught my eye. So did his skinny frame and his white chest.

*Striped dress again. ;)

*I told you, I am a fan of outfits like the one above. Tucked in a skirt top, belt and sling bag, lovely!
The skirt's print and color and the tank top's cut and print is beautiful.

*The outfit style, once again. The skirt's print, the tucked in tank, the orange sling bag!! (Is that orange?)

*Her dress is b-e-a-utiful! The color, the print at the bottom, the cut, the flow! Her shoes as well!

*Mostly, just the skirt. :)

*The print of the girl's dress and its cut.

*I can see it better -full front. ;)

*The verticall striped shirt dress is beautiful.
I love it.

*The strikingly blue Mickey Mouse look-a-like shirt used as dress against her skintone is beautiful and I now notice her shoes too and its color! Love.

*I like stripes remember? And lose fit tops.
Those two things do the explanation.

*Her tiger-print shirt and the shorts with the pockets peeking through.

Okay, that was too many.
Is that illegal? :o

Also I have ellegirl pictures and justjaredjr ones, but, I'm too lazy to post them now so feed on those above -which are quite a lot. Lol.


Blogger saray said...

love all the looks you posted

7:34 AM, May 10, 2009  
Blogger the Scorpio said...

You should check out the site from which I got them. :p

2:39 PM, May 11, 2009  

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