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Review classes today.
Rainy, rainy weather -I half enjoyed it [Hey, I love the rain -I think it's beautiful.].
...I just didn't like the dirty littered pathways and how I can't run freely across pathways which doesn't have roof to keep the rain from falling on me.
......However, I didn't have a choice did I? So brave the rain I did. :>

I met A LOT of familiar faces -faces that I see in our school campus- and I guess I found it comforting. :) I gave and received a lot of hugs and it was very comforting (that was very redundant) -it gave me that sense of warmth see? I like it.
I like it a lot.
Also, it made the 4-storey and n rooms building where my review classes are held feel more like home. :) Finally, it made me feel comfortable. Like I belong.
[Geez, what drama am I mumbling about?]

I'm listening to Passenger Seat by DCFC right now. Suits my mood.
Calm and cozy.
Like the rain -though I wouldn't call the weather calm exactly...

The weather's mostly predictable though at certain intervals of today, the downpour will come to a halt and the sun will try to sneak in amounts of its UV rays in between dark clouds -to no success.
The rain overpowers its attempt.
I love the rain. :)

After review, my sister and I met up at McDonalds, Katipunan -the sanctuary of review class students at the peak of lunch time (you can't imagine how packed it could get! ...or then again, if you've witnessed it, maybe you could :>). High school girls, high school boys, it's a levee!

We met-up with one of her org. mates -we'll be going to a YFC meeting somewhere near.
Luckily, my parents picked us (brother and I) up I from review so they offered to drop us (sister, her org. mate, I) off -not to mention wait on us- at my sister's org. mate's house where the meeting was held.

It was nice, you know? To get back again, to feel God's love once more, to know that He took me back again despite the sins I've commited since 2 weeks ago when my sister and I participated in the YFC Camp. I'm extremely glad to 'announce' that there will be meetings similar to the one we had earlier once every month. It is very comforting to know that for the following months, even years maybe, I'll have a constant reminder, and guide, to lead me to the right path, which is to Him of course. I'm just very glad. We do know how it feels to go astray, don't we? It's just nice to know that somewhere along that way, if I'm going the wrong way most especially, there will be someone or something to yank the neck of my shirt and say, "Hey, you're going the wrong way. The path to Him is here."
Wouldn't that be nice?
It's like an epiphany, going back to your senses, a slap in the face, an awakening.

I'm looking forward to the next meeting.
I wish each individual will be given the chance to share an experience -like an open forum. :) Not that I don't appreciate those who are asked to share or those who give talks, I just wish we could all share something. But I believe that time will come. :)
I'll just have to wait.

"I said maybe, You're gonna be the one who saves me ? And after all, You're my wonderwall ."
Wonderwall - Oasis


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